Social media is a powerful force that has become part of our daily lives and culture. The content on these platforms is no longer just for personal or recreational use but also a valuable tool for businesses to build relationships and establish trust with their customers.

In today’s digital landscape, your online presence dictates what your customers know about you. For more established institutions, this helps in maintaining your standing and reputation among your patrons. For up-and-coming businesses, this is a chance to showcase yourself.

So for those of you looking to enhance your social media presence, the type of content you share is vital. Some are more effective than others. While the general public can be fickle, there is one highly effective form of digital marketing above all: video content. 

In the modern age, video content is among the most important strategies a financial institution can employ. In fact, more and more social media platforms are changing the way they do things so they can capitalize on this trend. Here are the best types of video content for your bank or credit union:

Customer Testimonials

Clients tend to gravitate towards institutions that showcase previous and returning customers’ positive experiences. Reading what others have to say about their experience with you works more effectively than telling them that you offer the best rates or deals.

It also feels more authentic and human and encourages engagement and conversation in your comments section. People are more likely to ask follow-up questions after reading or hearing firsthand experiences from others.

Here, you can even start building a community that interacts with each other. From here, you can scout your clients and possibly become ambassadors for your company.

Tips and Tricks

People value information and “hacks” to make their lives easier. You should take advantage of this and be the one to offer expert advice for people’s burning financial questions. It is an effective way to position yourself as a reliable and knowledgeable institution.

Tips and tricks in the form of videos, photos, or even long-form videos (depending on the platform) are precisely the type of content that can convert your audience into first-time and eventually loyal customers.

Behind the Scenes

Remember to humanize yourself on social media. There is a good and healthy medium between professional and approachable. An excellent way to do this is by giving your audience a look behind the scenes. 

Share your staff and employee’s stories. If they also happen to be customers of your institution, even better. People nowadays are searching for the human aspects of businesses, and if you want to create and maintain a connection with your customers, you must let them get to know you.


All of the video content types listed above are very shareable and incredibly effective. You should create content that is not only meaningful but also strategic. Sincerity and authenticity go a long way in succeeding as a brand on social media, and there is no better way to do this than through video content.

If you are ready to do more with your marketing, Lavender Digital can help you. We’re based in Atlanta and have been providing video marketing services for financial institutions for a long time, and we can guarantee you a partnership that will take your business to the next level.