Video Marketing and Lead Nurturing for the Financial Services industry.

We’re a creative agency who partners with local financial service providers in a done-with-you service. We create new customer opportunities through our lead nurture systems and video advertising.

This isn’t a “copy my ads” or “leads” system. Tired of seeing “systems” that have you do all the work? Is your time better spent on focusing bigger picture and not the minute details? We’re a real creative team that does the work for you, and with your team.

If you can answer “YES” to this one quiz, we’re 100% sure that we can help you.

Lavender Digital has been providing Digital Marketing for over a decade. Our team works with financial service providers of all types and sizes to generate new clients through storytelling and digital advertising. We’re a creative agency that uses technology to deliver real results with proven methods. We believe in the power of community, and our team focuses on people in your community who need your services. We have generated hundreds of new clients for a variety of financial service providers. Let us show you how we partner together, to create a unique marketing and sales strategy for you.

How do we deliver real results?

Watch our customer success story.

Our specialty is creating messaging that is unique to you and your community. Each quarter, we provide Strategy Sessions with your marketing team that do a deep dive into which services you want to push next. Maybe you’re looking to increase new home loans, or strengthen your brand awareness in the community. We use this information to craft specific videos and other display ads for the audience who fits that service. We are in continual communication with your team to report on progress so that we know what marketing dollars are working the best. Our technology platform has the ability to turn potential clients into raving fans with targeted ads with lead nurturing.

How do we do it?

Using our model, we’ve been able to help Morris Bank generate new leads through marketing as they grow to a $1B organization. In fact, with our model, we’ve seen nearly 200 leads generated per month on a 4-figure budget!

Story-driven Content

STEP 1: Create story-driven video and digital ads.

Each video that we create are specifically designed for your goals and services. We create on-going video ads that tell the story of in an informative and engaging way. Our team uses creative storytelling to create consistent messaging.

  • We create 2 or 4 videos per quarter, each tied to a goal.
  • We run video, image and text ads.
  • A continuous cycle of ads allows for new messaging.

Creative Advertising

STEP 2: Connect with audiences across the internet.

Our ads are shown on hundreds of places online. We target specific audiences for each goal, and meet them right where they are. The ads run on a variety of platforms like Google Display, YouTube Pre-Roll, Facebook, Instagram, OTT TV and many more!

  • We reach 95% of the video-enabled sites in their area.
  • Nearly 180,000 Impressions per month in their specific region.

  • Cross-platform Ads create a “everywhere” presence.

See how our process works in this video.

Technology-based Sales

STEP 3: Turn these clients into real customers with Lead Nurture

We’re always using the latest technology and creative processes to know which messaging and branding is working the best! We even provide custom digital dashboards with live data so that you always know what our system is doing. Our custom CRM and Lead Nurture system creates a constant layer of communication to provide follow ups and appointment setting, reducing burden on your sales team.

  • We’re averaging 200 leads per month
  • 10-20 New Mortgage Applications per month

  • Generating brand awareness for as little as $.40 per click
  • New Personal and Business accounts opened monthly.

Every Ad, custom crafted. Watch a few examples…

Digital advertising, with a local focus.

We focus on local communities rather than competing with the larger institutions on a national level. By focusing on your specific region, we can capture the attention of your community and build a larger brand presence. This generates quality leads and builds your relationship with people (in the digital sense).

We also provide area locking so that you know we aren’t working with your competitors within your 30 mile region.

A Real Partnership.

Our team is your team. We have strategists, creative writers, video producers and digital marketing experts. You have full access as you need to scale up and down.


We ensure that your videos and Ads are all within proper compliance. Things like FDIC and NMLS logos, or not targeting specific age ranges.

Your Leads!

You own the leads. We don’t re-sell them to anyone. Since we treat this as a real partnership, our goal is to help you, and not send people to other companies.

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