Strategic Video Content for Your Agency Clients

Our team wants to be the go-to video content partner for marketing and communication agencies.

Over the past decade, we’ve created thousands of videos for brands and organizations across a wide variety of content. We’re a video production agency who puts strategy and brand ahead of everything else. If your agency doesn’t have the ability, capacity or desire to create an in-house video production unit, we would love to partner with you.

Our team comes from a background of graphic design, web development and online marketing. We use this knowledge to create an impact with not only the simple idea of a video, but the “why, what, how” behind it.

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Lavender Digital utilizes Video Strategy and content planning as our starting point


Are you looking for a video producer who understands what these terms mean, AND knows how to operate them? That’s us! As communication advanced, we realized that developing a video was more than simply playing on Youtube. This led to further education on techniques like landing pages, email campaigns, website development, Google Display, YouTube Pre-Roll and more. This helps us understand your goals for videos beyond production, and truly creates a unified solution for your clients’ online marketing goals.


If you don’t fully understand what these terms mean, that’s ok! Storytelling with strategy is our passion, but knowing the process and equipment is crucial. We’ve worked with nearly every type of camera, microphone and editing software to learn a holistic picture of the industry.


Our white label solution provides you with a video content partner that understands strategy and branding. We take pride in learning your clients, and creating video concepts that match your goals and future plans. Our team works together to determine why a video is needed, how it’s created, and the proper budget to quality ratio.

IN-HOUSE Presence

NDA and NON-COMPETE: We sign NDAs and NON-COMPETEs with each agency partner.
EMAILS: To help keep communication under your brand, we’ll even use an email address that you give us.

PROFITS and Process

We don’t simply want you to outsource video to us and miss out on profits. The goal of becoming a true partner is to help increase your revenue through streamlined processes. We have a vast knowledge of working on projects with budget of all ranges; from the small $500 social post, to the $100,000 national commercial. We have the skillset to craft budgets so that your agency makes a profit, while providing the right quality. Whether your clients are on retainers, subscriptions, one-off projects or annual budgets, we’re here to help with those numbers.

We’ve had success with many organizations by transforming stories into moving images.


Lavender Digital partner Market ATL
Lavender Digital partner Market ATL

In the world of online marketing, the best understand that engagement and clean branding can help make or break a brand. MarketATL utilizes our video white label solution to create new strategies for lead-gen, web design and paid social marketing.


Lavender Digital partner Banyan creative agency
Lavender Digital partner Banyan creative agency
Banyan provides large NGO clients with numerous avenues of storytelling with video being a driver of that. We helped them in producing many large-budget commercials and educational videos.

Wreckfish Creative

Lavender Digital videos for Wreckfish Creative
Lavender Digital videos for Wreckfish Creative

Today’s professional outdoorsman sports field is competitive. Wreckfish creates and improves brand presence for products and sportsmen in the fishing and hunting industries.

Brand Chiro

Brand Chiro
Brand Chiro

You’ve seen niche marketing at it’s best, right? Brand Chiro provides marketing content for chiropractors, and utilizes Lavender Digital as their video arm. We’ve developed hundreds of video Ads for dozens of practices around the country, generating $$$ of patient revenue.

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