Customer Success

The ultimate impact of your product or service can be seen in multiple layers. We provide Customer Success stories for any kind of organization. When a Saas platform asked us to create a Customer Success video, we knew that we needed to tell the story in a way to translate all the way down beyond the initial end user.

Lavender Digital Media Saas Platform Customer Success


We produce stories and mini-documentaries of all kinds. This is a trailer we created for a storyteller series with a non-profit. We told six unique stories of people impacting the world in a mini-series.  This is the trailer for that mini-series. See more of the videos here.

Lavender Digital Media Non-profit video storyteller


When you care about your customers, it’s easy to highlight how they use your services. We worked with Morris Bank to develop a series of commercials featuring their business and commercial banking customers.

Lavender Digital Video ADD Banking


If you want to tell your story in a fun way, animated explainer videos can be a good fit. These are eye-catching animations that are driven by visuals and audio to make a unique product.

Lavender Digital Video animated explainer

Online Courses

Lavender Digital creates unique, video-driven courses. Our team has the capability to produce, film and edit short-form and long-form content that can be used online, or in-person. We’ve completed nearly 80+ hours of online curriculums for universities, non-profits, churches, business leaders and entreprenuers. We have the latest technology to film and edit at the highest quality.

Lavender Digital Video online courses

City Tourism

We developed a reality-show style video series to promote a local town. This 7 part video series highlights the city in a unique, story-driven way as we follow a young, new resident on the journey of meeting friends, exploring the city and finding a new home. The strategy is to utilize this on online magazines and other tour-related sites, and also send it to potential residents. This is a compilation of all 7 videos.

Lavender Digital city tourism video


Our team undertook the challenge of highlighting every sport in the University’s portfolio. This video is the first look at each sport, compacted in a simple format that would represent each team while maintaining a consistent look.

Lavender Digital Athletics Promo

Vision Casting

We produced and developed this video to highlight 50 years of this non-profit ministry. We wanted to create a unique way that directly ties into the heart of the ministry. In this case, we developed a classroom scenario, as most of the benefactors of FTE are students.

The Invitation - Non-Profit Video casting

Product Videos

Rovos needed to create a video to show off their newest product. We went from concept to completion in just a few weeks while also updating their website, creating graphics and pushing out photos as well.

Lavender Digital Media Rovos Wheels | Product Video


Lavender Digital produced this series for Rovos Wheels as they sponsored their first professional driver in Formula Drift. This was a series of four videos that were used on paid social and Youtube Pre-Roll to engage new an audience to the brand.  If you’re looking for video marketing in Atlanta or beyond, we can help

Lavender Digital Media Rovos Drift - Atlanta

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