How many videos have you paid for, that just collected dust on your Facebook page?

How do we use video marketing to grow brands?

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Let us partner with you to form strategic video ad campaigns designed to create targeted content that will: increase your brand awareness, improve your SEO, attract the right audiences, and ultimately grow your organization the way you’ve always wanted to. Our video production team has a decade of experience creating impactful stories. We pair that with ads and a sales process that creates new business!

Why Video?

Most people know by now that it’s the number one way to grow your online presence. It’s the best messaging vehicle for building an audience, retaining information, and generating qualified sales leads. But if a video plays in the forest, and nobody sees it – did it really play?

See how we use video marketing with Google, Youtube, and Social Media to grow a regional bank.

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Why Lavender Digital Video Marketing

Video is often added to marketing strategy as an afterthought. This leads to content being created hurriedly, without an intended audience or goal in mind. Not with us. We’ve built a team of award-winning video producers and expert marketing strategists that does two things to ensure the content we create is the content that will grow your brand and business.

We create videos based on a custom story-telling process that covers a range of emotions like comedy, drama, inspiration or information.



Create content directly intended for your unique solution, and the audience that wants it.

  • Full Production Crews
  • Decades of Experience
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Film Content Anywhere


Strategically place that content in the most effective way possible to build the most engaged audience possible.

  • Google/YT, Facebook, and Social Ads
  • Display Campaigns
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Sales Assist Lead Generation
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It’s not all about video! Great digital advertising still requires a system. The ads combine with text and imagery that can be used in many ways, even if people don’t watch videos.  We also have a custom CRM with our ‘Sales Assist’ program that follows up with your audience in a consistent and informative way.

What’s Next?


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