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Why Include Video Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy

Today, business owners benefit from having various marketing methods at their disposal. Besides traditional venues like print or in-person ads, marketers can use digital video advertising to promote a brand.  Creating compelling video advertisements can seem challenging, but it is something you can learn quickly. Here are tips that can

The Role of Video Marketing in Advancing Financial Services

Digital marketing strategies and techniques are unstoppable. And today, video is taking control of the marketing industry because of its ability to raise brand awareness, increase engagement rate, and boost ROI opportunities. In 2019, a study showed that 87 percent of marketers consider video powerful and utilize it in their

Our Guide to Marketing Your Fintech Company Through Social Media

Social media marketing is undoubtedly a vital strategy in promoting a brand. With more than half of the global population using social media, many opportunities exist to promote a business’s products or services and grow its customer base. However, although social media marketing presents an array of benefits to an

How to Promote Your Financial Enterprise Through Video Marketing

Working in the financial industry can be challenging. As far as promoting your products or services go, you must strive harder to put yourself out there because of the complexity of the topics you tackle, which often ends up intimidating your potential customers. Finance has a long-standing reputation of being

Here’s Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Video Marketing Efforts

According to a fearless forecast, more than 82% of all internet traffic will comprise video by 2022. As videos gain more traction online, we see their benefits for marketing, entertainment, and training. With that said, technological advancements enhance further and allow for digital marketing to evolve with it rapidly. As

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