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Growing Your Real Estate Business Through Video Production

Video marketing is becoming more popular for real estate businesses because the medium is now more widely accepted on different digital platforms. Many industries are now integrating this advertising medium to promote their products, increase brand visibility, and create compelling video advertisements. Although video marketing isn’t new for the real

Deck your Marketing Campaign With Wintry-Themed Video Content for the Holidays

The upcoming holidays are a merry time for businesses with all the high-intent shoppers driving significant spikes in the web traffic and conversion rates. It’s a goldmine where brands can cash in on consumer spending amidst the holiday rush, making it a must to curate campaigns that spread the season’s

Which Is Better for Your Brand IGTV or YouTube for video marketing?

When businesses think of video marketing, one name automatically comes to mind: YouTube. The media platform has dominated video advertising for years, and it is where many businesses have built the headquarters for their video content. However, Instagram is looking to challenge YouTube's hold on the market; since it announced

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