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Lavender Digital was founded by Jesse Lavender to create holistic marketing content for businesses and organizations of all sizes. We started out in the film industry and transitioned into a digital marketing agency focusing on video messaging. While video production is at our core, we believe that great design, a good web presence, and the whole package should be available to everyone. Our focus is to take a step back and view each piece of marketing material as part of a larger package, and determine the best ways to create and promote the organization in a custom format.

We develop a strategy, create videos, and use online marketing to build your brand. Whether you’re looking for video production in Atlanta, we can help tell your story.

Need help with marketing? Our video marketing strategy can grow your brand. We combine creative storytelling with AI-powered Technology to generate new leads. Our team has produced 2000+ videos for clients all over the United States.

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This complimentary course covers the 6 basic steps to boost your digital marketing in 2021. No up-sells, just quality information to build your foundation.

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  • Nurturing Sales (automatically)

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