Email subject lines are your audience’s first impression of your email, and the quality of that impression determines whether the rest of your email gets read. This is why email subject lines are the best way to influence open rates and click-through rates.

Studies show that 78 percent of marketers said that email is important to the success of the company as a whole. So, a good subject line is crucial. It needs to be on point and simple, with a distinct subject line that gives your email a higher open rate compared to emails without a subject line.

A majority of subscribers say that subject lines make them more interested in opening your email. So, what subject lines are best to do the job?

Let’s see some of the most compelling subject lines that boost open rates.

1. “Did You Know …” or “This Might Be Interesting …”

This is a fun one. Often, marketers are afraid to let their brand personality show, but this subject line is a fast and easy way to let your personality shine.

When using this subject line, you’re letting your audience know that you have some insider information to share with them. They’re going to want to know what that insider information is.

Whatever your inspiration—whether it’s a news story, a fun moment, or something you’ve been working on—you can craft subject lines that show your audience that you care about them and have something valuable to offer.

You can also use “This Might Be Interesting …” as a way to target people who are already interested in your content but might be involved in a different part of your company.

2. “We’re Doing Something Big”

This is a good subject line to boost open rates if you’re launching a new product or service.

If you’re sending an email to someone on your list that hasn’t heard from you in a while, they might assume you’re out of business. It’s best to say, “We’re doing something big,” in your email. 

It does three things: firstly, indirectly apologize and give them a reason for your lack of communication. Secondly, to catch their interest in what you’re launching, provide them with a promise of what’s in store for them in the future.

3. “Free Gift for You”

This is one of those subject lines that you’ll want to be careful with. You don’t want your audience to be worried that you’re trying to trick them into opening an email. So, you want to ensure that your intentions are good so your audience can trust that your email will be valuable.

This subject line is a great way to boost open rates if you’ve created a product relevant to your audience. When you share a free gift with your audience, they will want to know what it is. They’re going to want to know how they can get it and use it to succeed.

4. “How to [Action]”

This is a great one. It’s one of the best subject lines to boost open rates if you’re offering a helpful resource in your email.

In this type of email, you’re giving your audience some specific tips on how they can improve their business. And you’re doing it constructively.

When you use this subject line, you’re offering a valuable resource to your audience. And they’ll love that, which means they’ll love receiving emails from you.

5. “A Little Something Extra”

This is a great subject line when giving your audience something extra-special.

If you have a special offer for your audience, this is an easy way to let them know about it, like a discount or a free download, or you might be giving them something that they won’t find anywhere else.

When you send an email with this subject line, you show your audience that you care by offering them something exclusive.


When it comes to email headings, the key is keeping email subject lines fresh because redundant ones can turn your audiences off and affect your open and click rates. So, have fun making your email subject headlines, and see your open rates improve with consistency, creativity, and unique content that will benefit your subscribers.

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