From social media video production to embedded content on many commercial websites, video has dominated the modern world of technology.

When you decide to get on the digital bandwagon and start harvesting your share of traffic, inbound links, conversions, and revenues, you may first need to figure out what types of videos you should post on your website.

Choosing the right sorts of video material can be difficult due to the abundance of alternatives available. Now, let’s take a minute to focus on the most significant types of internet videos from which your company may profit.

Understanding the Many Types of Website Videos

Videos that must be embedded on your website should share a few essential characteristics. For one thing, they should be pretty short–no more than 60 seconds in duration. This improves the digestibility of your video and enhances the likelihood of viewer interaction. 

Your film should also have professional production elements that represent your brand’s dedication to excellence. Web video categories that any business should examine include the following:

Brand Introduction 

When it comes to brand introduction videos, you must imagine and execute them as an audience. Make it a visually appealing and soul-stirring introduction video. For optimum SEO and aesthetic impact, place it above the fold of your main page.

Consider this a teaser trailer that will leave viewers wanting more. Additionally, be sure to discuss your brand’s goal, message, values, history, and the various ways in which customers may benefit from you.

Team Introduction

The benefit of team introduction videos is that they allow you to interact with your audience personally. As a company, it’s vital to convey that there are actual people operating the ground. Meanwhile, this may be used as an alternative to an “About Us” or “Our Team” page.

Showing the faces of your key actors personalizes your brand for your audience, giving them the impression that they know you. When you show images of your employees doing what they do best in their natural working setting, you instantly establish trust.

Service Highlights

Instead of only utilizing still photos to show potential consumers what you want to emphasize, use videos to show them what you want to promote, from services to items. 

Actual product reenactment can undoubtedly assist them in making simple purchasing selections because you can record how an item looks and how it operates. You may also choose to create an introduction summary of your product lines or a separate short film for each product or service you want to showcase.

Authentic Reviews and Testimonials

Nothing sells better than genuine customer feedback and real-life experiences. Video marketing experts and business owners across sectors value testimonials as if they were gold.

Viewers will readily identify with these “real people” and picture themselves benefiting from your products. Even better, you’re providing real proof to your audience that your products and services work as claimed. Just make sure the testimonies come off as genuine and not manufactured.


Videos are not all about visual appeal. For today’s generation of digital natives, people want quick and fast information. The modern-day buyer is becoming more innovative, and they will want to be educated in making any kind of purchase. As a result, businesses must increase their online presence by utilizing quality videos that serve purpose and close deals simultaneously.

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