Organically boosting your content takes the proper marketing and a lot of creativity. In addition, knowing about your consumers and producing the right content for your target audience is just as relevant. 

The truth is, despite being on social media, people don’t want to be marketed to. They hate product and service ads on their feed. That makes it more difficult to create organic content that will attract your audience.

However, there is a right way of producing organic content that your audience will want to see. Begin by creating ads that are native to the platform, which means that your content must look like something they commonly see on social media without looking too much of an ad. Aim to relate to your audience, not commercialize them. 

Here are ways you can create organic, attention-grabbing content that is native to the Facebook platform:

A Click-Worthy Headline

Think of a headline that’s specific and incites emotion. In other words, think of a headline that delivers. When we talk about specificity, we mean a clear introduction to what they can find when they click your ad’s link. 

While your headline should be specific, leave some things for wonder. You need to create a level of curiosity to anticipate something more if they click the link. 

In inciting emotion, create something they can relate to, perhaps a concern or a problem that your product can solve. Delivering it the right way can make your ad attention-grabbing and click-worthy to consumers.

Shareable Piece of Information

Following the headline, your next crucial element is the shareable piece of information. You must put all market-defining details about your product or service in the first few seconds spent reading your ad. 

Most consumers on social media have low attention spans, so even if you succeed in making a click-worthy headline, they’ll scroll past it if you fail to provide shareable information. 

In addition, if there is a second piece of shareable information, insert it in the ad, too. You can explain how your product works, what makes it unique, and how it can solve their problems. Remember that your end goal is to get people to click on the link you provided.

Call to Action

Your call to action is the last crucial element of your ad. It must incite and provoke your audience to take the action you want them to do, i.e., click on the link and purchase your product or service. 

Make a clear call to action that details an understandable script, such as “buy this here,” to get your consumers engaged. However, there are also better ways of incorporating a call to action, and remember that social media users are familiar with cliche marketing methods. 

You can use a clear and creative call to action that is promising and relatable to get your consumers to purchase what you offer. If you’ve done this right, then you’ve got a killer ad!

Final Thoughts

To get people engaged in your Facebook ad, remember that the first step is creating something they can relate to. Avoid ads that are too commercial-looking and look like they don’t belong on the Facebook platform. Not many social media users want to be marketed to, but with the right strategy, you can turn any user into a consumer. 

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