In whatever industry you’re part of, having a solid marketing strategy is vital to help you reach the business numbers you desire and hit your marketing goals. Because of this, you must produce the right content and develop the right concepts to ensure that you achieve those objectives. 

One of the most effective forms of marketing is video marketing. This is because it’s incredibly engaging, and it allows you to transport your target market into a setting where they’ll fully understand your brand and your products and services.

This is why video marketing works best with real estate businesses because it allows potential home buyers to immerse themselves in a visual tour of a home, allowing them to imagine themselves in the houses through their screens. For this reason, many agents hire real estate video marketing professionals to help them create unique and engaging video marketing content. 

Although video marketing has been around for some time, many people are still iffy about creating this type of marketing content because of all the myths they heard. Because of that, we’ve created a list of common video marketing myths and busted them so you can look at this form of marketing from a new perspective. Let’s get to it!

Myth 1: YouTube is the best platform for video marketing

YouTube is an extremely popular online platform where you can post and share video content under your company’s account. Although it is the biggest, it’s not quite the best. YouTube isn’t the best platform because other video hosting options are better equipped for business purposes. 

Since YouTube is quite popular, many businesses from different industries use it to post video content, making it hard for other companies to stand out. For this reason, people opt not to create video content at all. But if you try other video hosting sites, your business may flourish. 

Myth 2: Producing videos is difficult and quite expensive

One of the biggest misconceptions about video marketing is that it’s challenging to produce and take uploads in your budget. But you should know that just like any form of marketing content you need to create, a lot of planning and strategizing is involved. 

However, since modern technology is more accessible now, intending to produce content much easier, video production isn’t too challenging to produce anymore. And as for the cost, many producers and video creators use simple equipment but still produce high-quality video output that still impresses people.

Myth 3: The shorter the video, the better

Many people believe that the shorter video content you put out for your target market, the better results you get; however, this depends on your marketing goals and your campaign’s objective.

If you’re merely introducing a product or service to a new audience, a short video to catch their attention could be an option. However, if you want to sell an experience, opting for a longer video may do more good for your business. 

For example, with real estate videos, a 30-second clip may not give your audience sufficient engagement they need. Instead, a longer video may help convince them to check out the home themselves. For this reason, hiring a real estate video production company will help you produce compelling video marketing content that will push your market to check out your properties. 


Now that we’ve busted three of the most common video marketing myths, it’s best to reconsider creating video content to help to bring in new clients and to share information about your products and services in a more engaging manner. For you to have effective video marketing campaigns, it’s best to work with a reputable video production company so you’ll be guaranteed unique and compelling video content for your campaigns.

Producing memorable, engaging, and compelling video content isn’t difficult, especially if you work with a reputable video production company like Lavender Digital. We are a video marketing agency in Atlanta that captivates audiences, inspires action, and drives results through video content. Work with us today!