Photos or textual descriptions help potential homebuyers get a glimpse of the properties you sell. However, a well-produced real estate video showcases them in much more detail than any other type of content ever could. 

The best platform to feature your videos is social media, particularly Facebook. While video marketing is highly effective, the landscape becomes all the more competitive. To stand a chance against your competitors and make your ads seen by your target market, here are some tips for creating engaging real estate videos that will connect with potential homebuyers on Facebook:

Create virtual tours

The secret to getting people to look at your property listings is to invest in real estate video marketing. For instance, you can share in-depth property tours to highlight selling points and other features that deserve more attention. This way, you can provide a realistic and immersive experience that lets your audience feel like they’re really there as they view the property. 

Make the video understandable even when there’s no audio

Some users may watch your Facebook video ad with the sound on, but consider the huge portion of viewers who will watch it with the sound off or people with hearing loss. Therefore, make sure that your video is understandable even when it’s muted. 

You can convey your message by adding meaningful captions to your video. You also have to ensure your content is engaging to watch on mute, so consider collaborating with a skilled real estate video production team like ours that can transform your ideas into a well-made video.

Make your video ad as concise as possible

Expect your viewers to have a short attention span. If your video is too long, they may not bother watching at all. Encourage them to watch your video ad by making it as concise as possible. A good rule of thumb is to create a 15-to-30-second video. 

Place important information strategically

Video lets you add lots of information into your content, but you should know where to place the details to maximize satisfying results. Front-load your video with the most important part of your message, which means you should be able to get your main idea across within the first three seconds. Instead of the end of the video, your call-to-action (CTA) should be included in the middle.

Create vertical video ads

If you are planning to post your Facebook video ads in stories or on mobile, create vertical videos instead of horizontal ones. Choosing this display resolution gives you more space to work with and provides your audience with a more enjoyable watching experience as your content takes up their entire mobile screens.

Write attention-grabbing titles

Your video ad’s thumbnail alone may not be engaging enough to grab your viewers’ attention. To encourage them to watch, write an engaging and keyword-optimized title. It will give people a reason to click on your ad, and Facebook’s algorithm can target your video better to relevant audiences.


Taking advantage of the Facebook video ad feature can help you attract prospective homebuyers, generate leads, and even make more sales. Follow the tips listed above and team up with experienced video production professionals like us to have well-produced real estate videos that can help you connect with your audience and achieve your other business goals.

Whether you’re planning to create a video on apartment highlights, property tours, or commercial tours, you can count on our experts at Lavender Digital. We offer video production, strategy, and marketing services in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Schedule a complimentary discovery session today!