The holiday season is perhaps the best time for brands to generate massive revenue. From October to December, calendars are packed with mega sales. Despite the holiday sales in 2020 being expected to perform poorly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant eCommerce gain offset holiday revenues.

The almost guaranteed high revenues during the holiday season, even with a pandemic, is exactly why brands need to expand their reach and amplify their video ads strategies. This article will focus on how brands can make a mark for the holidays to drive awareness.

Benefits of Video Ads for the Holiday Season

Here are three of the many benefits of video ads:

Video Ads Increase Conversion Rates

In any marketing effort, content is king. The same goes for creating and publishing videos for the holidays. Doing this allows brands like yours to define your desired results for holiday shoppers. So, don’t miss out and begin planning your video ad campaign for the holiday season.

Video Ads Keep Brands Remembered

You need to catch the attention of holiday shoppers, and one way of doing that is by posting a well-placed video that hooks them in time for the holidays. Using video content creates memorable interactions with brands and holiday shoppers. Moreover, it’s also great for helping brands hype up their holiday promotions, such as product launches and sales, making shoppers more excited.

Video Ads Grow Brand Equity

The holiday season is when brands must learn to balance communicating holiday promotions for sales with engaging prospective customers creatively and honestly. Video content allows your brand to stand out from the rest of the holiday campaigns. Just be sure to create memorable content that your target audience can engage with.

Tips to Using Video Ads for Brand Awareness

Now that you know the benefits of using video ads for the holiday season, here are some ways you can approach it to achieve your goals effectively:

Engage Customers with Interactive Video Ads

Holiday shoppers do tons of research before purchasing products online. They compare prices, check out reviews, and look for sales. You can optimize promotion by creating video ads that do more than just raise channel awareness for holiday promotions but are also interactive by adding direct response elements for the customers.

Reach Holiday Shoppers as They Browse Their Feed

Video content has developed into more than just an entertainment tool. It has become a way for holiday shoppers to seek, learn, and inspire their gift purchases. While today’s holiday shoppers watch videos on their social media feed, you need to make sure that your video content is compelling enough to change their passive browsing into active shopping. 

 Encourage Purchases with Shoppable Videos

Customers want a smooth online shopping experience around the holidays. Essentially, they want to purchase the item as soon as they decide to buy it. So, you can reach holiday shoppers effectively with shoppable ads or video personalization to provide them with a unique holiday shopping experience.


Use these tips to grow your brand with great video marketing. Ramp up your lead generation and revenue this upcoming holiday season with the help of experienced agencies creating targeted advertising and attention-worthy content. 

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