Consumers spend the most money throughout the holiday season, therefore it makes sense to market your company at this time. In reality, whether it’s Halloween, Easter, or Mother’s Day, holiday brand competition is tough.

Because of the holiday rush, every brand seeks to stand out and aims to reach sales goals to close the year. However, consumers suffer from email overload, smartphone fog, and social media fatigue as a result of being bombarded by sale advertisements everywhere!

This simply suggests that it may be time to reassess your public image before you once again execute a new marketing campaign. To set yourself apart from the competition, consider investing in video marketing. Without further ado, here are five timeless ideas to get you started on your Christmas video material:

The Social Media Prowess

Millions of individuals use social media every day, making it an excellent venue for spreading your message. With the myriad of platforms currently existing, it can be used to entertain, inform, and innovate to keep your audience interested. For example, you can produce well-crafted and brand-centric videos that are short, sweet, yet captivating. Yes, you can make an eye-catching advertisement video that displays your unique selling point. 

Additionally, you can create an animation showing your seasonal components if you sell artisanal bath products. Remember that vivid music and vibrant colors can assist you in attracting social media followers.

The Sincere Gratitude

The end of the year is an ideal time to convey your appreciation to your consumers. Instead of aiming to sell to people, why not develop a marketing film that shows gratitude for them?

There is never a bad time to show folks that you care about them and appreciate their help. Christmas, on the other hand, is commonly associated with elevated spirits and affection. While this move is a little corny it, however, communicates gratitude to others. 

The Virtual Greeting Card 

After you’ve finished making the web video, publish it on social media or email it to your consumers. Remember that your online video should be viewable on mobile devices! Think of this as a modern-day holiday card, which everybody loves. Keep your image fresh–all your loyal clients will surely feel the sincerity of this gesture, and even see the personality of your company. 

The Great Memories

Be human, reminisce about the good times, and tug at the heartstrings. As a company, you must begin the conversation. This way, you can capture and share your customers’ nostalgia through touching promotional videos. By being creative and fun, you also get to seize a fantastic opportunity to build closer ties with your customers.

The Explainer  Video

There is so much to do for the preparation of the holiday season. From errands, to reunions and family gatherings, to gift shopping (and gift wrapping), the tasks just seem to pile up! To cater to this problem of your customers, create how-to explainer videos that could help them check off their to-do list. Use your imagination and take a moment to show your customers that you understand their needs and that they can benefit from you!


Video messages are an interesting and modern method to communicate the spirit of your brand. While they fit for all seasons, they give maximum impact during the holidays. Now, get out there and spread the love through your brand’s video content!

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