Companies and startups in the finance industry are starting to adapt more creative and cost-effective approaches to marketing their services. Since average citizens don’t often encounter financial topics every day, certain types of engaging content can help them learn and consider your products and services.

Animated explainer videos are a great example because they can make it easier for financial firms to communicate with, educate, and attract customers. 

In this article, we will discuss how this powerful form of video marketing can do wonders for your own enterprise.

Finance Animation Videos

Finance explainer videos, typically with a length of 60 to 120 seconds, can present comprehensive financial products, services, and other offers in a visual manner. They are a great way to talk about complicated concepts to individuals who aren’t very familiar with the industry. In addition, they help you save valuable time you can use for onboarding more customers.  

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos

1. Introducing Financial Products

With easy-to-understand explainer videos, financial firms can introduce their solutions to people from different backgrounds. This helps increase your brand awareness, potentially translates to growing sales, and opens an opportunity for more people to become involved in the finance sector.

2. Explaining Banking Terms and Complex Financial Concepts

Explainer videos are an efficient way for finance companies to educate their audience about banking terms and industry concepts they need in life. Because the medium is more visual and engaging, your employees and customers learn effectively in a short period. This leads them to better understand the effect of these concepts on everyday life and the importance of doing business with you. 

3. Teaching Financial Institution Policies

The financial world is fast-changing, and your company must keep up with the latest trends to thrive. Because of the inevitable changes to your policies, expanding your digital marketing plan with explainer videos will surely come in handy. Instead of making your stakeholders read a long, text-heavy announcement on policy updates, why not present everything in a much concise, understandable medium like an animated video?

Which Sectors Can Benefit from Using Explainer Videos?

  • Fintech 

Explainer videos can positively impact a fintech startup’s advertising strategy by presenting top features, modern developments, and long-term advantages associated with their products and services.

  • Insurance  

To enhance the promotion and sales of their policies, insurance companies can create animated explainer videos to tell their brand’s story, value, and vision to potential clients. Once these concepts are clear, it becomes easier for insurance companies to gain a person’s trust and build a fruitful professional relationship with them.

  • Investment 

Explainer videos that describe opportunities in an accurate, brief manner are any investment firm’s greatest asset. Investments are known to be a tricky topic, so you want to effectively engage and accommodate your potential clients without taking up too much of their time. 

  • Banking

Traditional banks are consistently improving their customer relation initiatives, and utilizing explainer videos is one of these innovations. Animated videos keep your customers interested in financial and banking concepts you may be discussing. 


Financial institutions in diverse specializations are beginning to include explainer videos in their website marketing, social media advertising, and other digital strategies. If you believe that they can bump up your business as well, start investing in this form of marketing now.

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