The upcoming holidays are a merry time for businesses with all the high-intent shoppers driving significant spikes in the web traffic and conversion rates. It’s a goldmine where brands can cash in on consumer spending amidst the holiday rush, making it a must to curate campaigns that spread the season’s spirit. 

Video marketing proves to be one of the most engaging ways to captivate audiences and inspire action, especially when it comes to promoting special offers, deals, contests, end-of-year sales, and more. 

With that in mind, here’s how you can make a bright impression in the merriest time of the year with video marketing: 

Tip #1: Spread the Festive Cheer Using Video Greeting Cards

Amidst the holiday craze and shopping season, it’s good for brands to step away from all the promotions by greeting their customers as a way to spread the festive spirit. Brands and consumers alike will be sending holiday greetings, so why not use this opportunity to build your brand awareness by creating video greeting cards? 

It’s a joyful way to connect with potential customers and clients without turning off people with a hard, “salesy” tone, allowing your brand to make positive impressions. A personalized, visually engaging holiday card can also make your target audience feel cared for, allowing you to improve your relationships for the year ahead.

Tip #2: Spark Excitement for your Year-End Offers

Consumers are in a holiday frenzy as people are more willing to spend on gifts and bargains, which means it’s a crucial time for businesses to gain profit from this busy season.  Using video production to highlight your special offer is sure to capture the market’s attention, especially since video packs more appeal, leading to more clicks for your campaigns. 

Real estate businesses in Atlanta, for example, can utilize 360 virtual tours to promote properties to a busy market. It taps into homeowners looking for a fresh start with new housing for the new year, along with corporations considering relocations. 

E-commerce retailers, on the other hand, can set the stage for the Black Friday madness by using video marketing to put an emphasis on special discounts on a wide range of products. 

Tip #3: Give Your Social Presence a Ho-Ho-Holiday Boost Using Video Marketing 

Beyond grabbing attention for your holiday promotions, the merry season is an excellent time to interact with your customers online using video marketing to send your season’s greetings. It can also put an emphasis on your seasonal events and giveaways, all of which can generate interest for your brand and the gift of more followers. 

The Bottom Line: The Power of Video Content for a Merry Holiday Marketing Strategy this 2020

Marketers should expect the competition to become tighter this season, which is why your business can benefit from integrating ho-ho-holiday marketing strategies that can set your brand apart. 

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