What’s great about creating marketing strategies is that you are given the opportunity to try various concepts and ideas that will help your business reach greater heights. If you ask any marketing expert, they’ll tell you that a successful content strategy is vital to help your business flourish and nurture connections. 

Today, many business owners and marketers are figuring out ways to create compelling content that would fit into any platform, boost visibility, and keep their audience engaged and interested in their products. One easily digestible, creative, and compelling solution that’s popular in this age is the use of video marketing. Over the years, the demand for video marketing content has been rising—and for a good reason: it’s incredibly effective at hooking customers in. 

This article is our handy guide in helping you build demand through video marketing solutions. Read on below to find out more!

Establish a connection

One of the reasons video marketing should matter in your campaign is that this type of content has a way of seizing attention and establishing a lasting connection with your audience. Through such solutions, you can effectively give out information to your users to help make purchasing decisions and push for the need for your products in their lives. 

This is particularly effective for real estate companies, for example. Through it, you can engage with your customers by giving them a glimpse of their lifestyle when they purchase any of your properties! The same goes for resorts, lifestyle product providers, and even restaurants.

When you create a video marketing strategy, remember that this is more than just a tactic; you should approach it knowing that your end goal is to create a clear and consistent digital relationship between you and your customers. 

Give what they want to see

One of the grueling tasks of creating video marketing content is figuring out what you want to tell your audience. To streamline this, it will help if you consider what your customers would like to see!

Ask your team what you think your customers would like to see to convince them to purchase your products and services. You can do this by doing a product or service walkthrough, analyzing industry trends, reading customer testimonials, and other data-gathering methods.

For real estate companies, testimonials from previous clients are essential to produce effective video content. What’s great about this is that you can even include feedback videos in your video content to help pull in potential clients!

Consider the platforms you’ll use

When creating video content, you need to make sure that it can adapt to multiple channels. Multi-platform marketing is incredibly critical for businesses who want to engage and connect with their audience anytime and anywhere. 

Fortunately, most online platforms have video features available, making it easy for brands to share compelling video content. However, you should still keep in mind which online platform your audience often uses to make this strategy even more effective. 

Be mindful of the length of your videos

Depending on the purpose of your video content, your videos can either be short or long. If you want to implement more advertising in your video marketing, quick 15 or 30-second videos will do the trick. Some marketing experts believe that compelling videos last for 30 seconds and that shorter videos should only be 15 seconds long. This is quite accurate because most audiences lead busy and quick lifestyles. For this reason, your videos should be straightforward to get noticed!


Video marketing is a powerful tool that will help you send your business’s message, products, and services across to your audience. When you follow our handy guide, you’ll be able to create efficient and compelling content for your followers to view. If you collaborate with a reputable video marketing agency, reaching your marketing and business goals will be such a breeze—and you’ll immediately get the desired results your business aims for!

To help you make captivating video marketing content, work with a group of passionate and creative people, like our team at Lavender Digital! We are a video marketing agency that engages audiences, inspires action, and drives results for businesses in Atlanta, GA. Schedule a marketing consultation with one of our specialists today!