Achieving success in your video marketing campaign may seem tricky. For one, there’s a predominant uncertainty on whether or not your audience will receive the finished product well, especially since creating videos is an art form. Secondly, it can be a challenge to fully understand what the viewers will specifically want to hear and see, which is why video marketing can also be a trial and error.

While there are obstacles that you’ll face during your campaign creation, there are various things you can do to overcome them. Applying these tips will help your business achieve a successful video marketing campaign:

1. Put an emphasis on a story

No one really likes to feel like their being persuaded into buying something. People want to choose for themselves. If you’re creating a video to entice your audience to buy a product or service, you want to focus on the story rather than on the salesmanship.

Stories are reflective of emotions; they can be powerful enough to serve as a call to action.

By focusing on the story and not on your goal to make users purchase your offers, users are more likely to find your campaign as relevant to them. In turn, you increase the chances of conversion.

2. Use relevant information and visual aids

The goal of your video should still be to inform users about your products, services, and most importantly, your brand. While a story evokes emotions—be it a quirky one, serious, or heartwarming—your content must still provide useful and relevant information about the focus of your marketing. It’s important to get users to resonate with your videos, but you still need to get the point across, which you can do by adding some on-screen text.

By giving users information on-screen, they easily register the details and what the brand is about. With a compelling narrative, and even a short one, your video can become more relatable to customers if there’s sufficient information. Just remember not to overdo it, unless you’re creating infomercials.

3. You’re not creating a movie

At least, you’re not supposed to. Unless you get your viewers to be genuinely interested and excited about the content you’re making, you need to avoid creating superfluous long-form content. Keeping it short and straightforward will help you capture the attention of your audience.

Users usually don’t want to waste time, unless they have it planned, most especially in this busy age. A general rule is to get them hooked by the first 20 seconds of your video that should only last between 30 seconds and five minutes. Longer than that, and you’ll increase the chances of losing your viewers if they still don’t see what they want.

4. Use detailed descriptions

Although it’s not really part of the creative process, you want to add detailed descriptions of your videos. Whether you upload them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform, you must add a brief overview of your video.

You should include your website’s URL, a description of what the content is about, your offers, and the keywords and tags you want to use.


Video marketing is not a guaranteed success. That said, video marketing provides businesses and marketers with better chances of increasing their visibility since the internet age has allowed users to consume content more easily. By following the above tips, you can increase the success rate of your video marketing campaign, whether it’s targeted for audiences in Atlanta or nationwide.

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