Since public events are highly discouraged, and people should implement social distancing at all times amid the current global pandemic, many individuals, organizations, and brands use online platforms to conduct events, workshops, seminars, and more. No matter what industry you are in, live streaming is a popular solution that makes interaction and content creation possible.

The pandemic is not an excuse to stop the entertainment and the learning from happening. However, just because things are online, does not mean you should settle with low-quality performance.

If you are about to host a live stream event, you need to know these three crucial things to ensure you give a good show.

1. Choose your streaming solution

Streaming solution refers to the platform where you will host your live stream. You can choose a free live stream solution like YouTube. However, free streaming solutions have limitations as well as issues when it comes to privacy and security.

To achieve professional-grade live streaming, you need a platform that has many functionalities. Nowadays, you have several options for live streaming solutions equipped with HTML5 video players. You can embed these streaming solutions on your website, social media platforms, and even mobile applications.

These streaming solutions allow you and your viewers to enjoy the following:

  • Access to specialized servers and sufficient bandwidth that ensures a successful broadcast
  • Higher streaming quality
  • Ability to handle a large volume of viewers, including those from around the globe

Choose a streaming solution that has features that will address your streaming needs. In general, the more features they have, the better streaming quality you receive.

2. Finalize your broadcasting equipment

  • Camera and Microphone

You can capture videos in any recording device; however, the quality of your streaming depends on the equipment you will use. It is best if you research the best camera suited for your streaming goals. Apart from a quality camera, you need to also invest in a good microphone.

  • Capture Card

You need two devices for the streaming event to be a success. You need a camera that will capture everything and a laptop or computer, where the streaming will happen. In between these two devices, a capture card helps make the two work smoothly together.

The capture card is the device that allows you to record and stream your video. It is similar to an input data receiver that converts your video into streamable content.

If you don’t have a camera, you can use your laptop’s webcam to capture your video. Most webcams are usually already stream-ready, but some would require you to buy a capture card still to convert your video into streamable content.

3. Find the Embed Code

Once you finalize your streaming platform and your equipment is ready, you only need to do one last step: find your embed code. Your streaming platform will usually provide this. It will allow you to post your video on your website and other platforms. Once your steaming is live on your pages, your viewers will now have access to your content.


Live streaming is a service that is beneficial in many ways. It allows interaction and direct conversation between the host and the audience. It is also a valuable solution to the current interaction struggle caused by the pandemic. Try to make your live streaming content as professional-looking as possible to provide your audience with high-quality content.

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