Visually engaging and interesting marketing material is a sure way to get people curious about your company and the products and services that you offer. Big companies now not only focus on great photos and blog content, but they are also investing in video production and marketing.

A great video marketing engages your customer and leaves a lasting impression strong enough for them to click your website link and even share it with other people. If you’re thinking of dipping your feet in video marketing, here are a few tips that you should remember when you create a killer marketing video:

Short and sweet works like a charm

Video marketing can be a bit tricky because you’re dealing with your customer’s time. You will have to consider how much time of your customer’s day you are going to get.

If you’re a new company and still starting, a short and smart video is best. Your challenge is to get your customer hooked in the first few seconds and make them stay to watch the whole thing. Ideally, you would want a marketing video that is two minutes long, but less than that is better.

Get straight to the point

Creating marketing videos is fun because it forces you to be clever and unique. Having overly complicated and complex ideas can break your marketing video and the information you want to share. Keep it simple but truly memorable.

Another thing to remember is not to oversell your product. Nothing drives a customer mad than an annoying video that just screams, “End this video now!” Yes, you want to sell your product, but you don’t want to pester them into getting it. The decision should come naturally, and when it does, that means your marketing video was successful.

Compatible in all social media platforms

The reason you’re creating a marketing video is so that you can reach a wider audience and target your potential leads. You won’t be able to do that though if your video isn’t made to be compatible and searchable in other online media platforms.

You should remember that YouTube and other social media sites are like search engines. You need to make sure that these can find your website and include you in suggested videos and discover pages. By using the right keywords, hashtags, and tagging, your rank will be better in these social media pages.

Don’t overthink it!

This tip is quite simple—don’t overthink the video content. Like what was mentioned earlier, it’s so much better to simply just put the information out there and not to complicate things even more. Yes, visually it needs to be appealing, but the story and information behind it are more important.

If your video production is too messy, and there’s a lot going on, the chances are that people will just skip your video and look for something else. While you want your video to be engaging, you also don’t want them to get lost and confused about what is going on.

Don’t forget your brand identity

Your videos should not lose the essence and core values of your company. Aside from communicating your products and services to your audience, you are also giving them a brief introduction to your company. You want your customers to trust that you can help them and provide the services they need. You can do this by making sure your brand identity is clear and obvious.


Video marketing is a great way to get your company out there in the competitive online field. The best part about pre-production is brainstorming ideas. Meet up with your team and an expert video production agency to help manifest the ultimate video marketing content that is perfect for your company.

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