Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many schools and universities made the decision to switch from conducting in-person classes to online courses. This is done to limit face-to-face interaction and prevent transmission of the virus among students and teachers. Because of this, more and more instructors are urged to develop online courses and degree programs in higher education.

While any faculty can create an online course, its quality cannot be ensured. The course design and development process can be tricky and challenging as this requires thorough planning and preparation, especially for instructors who find using gadgets and accomplishing simple technological tasks to be a struggle.

If you are an instructor who needs to make an online course, then it is best to incorporate high-quality videos into your programs. Working with a reliable agency that specializes in online course production can boost the quality of your online offerings.

To help you create an interactive online course with compelling videos, follow the steps below:

1. Set a timeline

Your students deserve a high-quality education, and you can help them attain that by providing them with an online course with well-produced videos. This is why it’s important to prepare ahead of time and develop a reasonable timeline to develop your online course to avoid feeling rushed during the entire process.

To get started in your preparation, check the term, quarter, or semester when your online course will be offered and consider the holidays or potential sick days and your current workload. Reach out to an agency that offers top-notch video production and create a filming schedule.

2. Do not just stick to the textbook

When preparing for an online course, many instructors make the mistake of just sticking to the textbook and failing to check other materials. Maximize the learning of your students by exploring and taking advantage of various online resources that can aid in their learning process.

Since you will be using videos, you may add some educational clips from the internet that demonstrate and explain your topic clearly. This will help your students become engaged and motivated to learn and understand the lessons better. To improve your online course, you may also consider consulting with a learning specialist or an instructional designer.

3. Come up with ways to boost student engagement

The greatest challenge of conducting an online course is keeping your students engaged. Since every activity and discussion is held on digital platforms, maintaining a healthy interaction and constant communication with them can get tricky.

To address this concern, come up with ways to boost student engagement. Aside from posting regular course announcements, you may create an online discussion forum where your students can express their thoughts about your lessons. You may also offer virtual office hours to allow them to raise their concerns and ask questions privately.


Creating an online course is not easy. This is especially true since keeping students engaged and motivated to learn over the internet can be challenging. But by keeping the tips mentioned above in mind and working with an established video production company, you can make your course development process easier and less stressful.

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