Businesses from all industries are riding the online wave. Social media and the internet is no longer just a fad that’s limited to young people—the internet is not going anywhere, and it’s dominating the globe.

It pays to be online—businesses have a greater chance of growing their customer networks and increasing their sales by building their online presence and utilizing the tools available to them. Like many others in the financial industry, your bank has probably already set up its own website and created a company page on different social media platforms. However, has your bank progressed since you went online?

Being Proactive Online

If you’re not satisfied with the results of your digital marketing strategies, then maybe you are doing something wrong, or perhaps you aren’t using every available tool to your advantage. Being online is simply not enough anymore. You have to be proactive—steal the attention away from your competitors and let your target market see you and listen to you.

The great thing about today’s technology is that there are now more tools you can use to reach your business goals. Video is one of those, and it is highly effective in connecting and communicating with your audience without losing interest.

How Videos Can Benefit Your Banking Business

Gone are the times when you just push your financial services, rates, and products to the public—you can’t expect your target audience to read and see everything you market. As such, you have to be smart! Your audience has a greater chance of paying attention to you if you manage to connect with them. But how exactly do you do that?

Video is the future! Businesses from different industries make the most out of videos to tell their story, share their services, or teach the public. People have short attention spans, and you have just a few seconds to catch their attention. Through video, you can effectively connect with your audience and get them to understand what you have to offer.

Here are a few reasons why video marketing will work for your bank:

Higher Ranking on Google

People usually just skim through paragraphs and text—reading takes too much work in today’s online world. However, if you add a video on your website, users will spend more time on it, increasing their dwell time.

When users spend more time on your website, search engines will think that your website has beneficial and valuable information that should be shared with others. As a result, your website gets to rank higher in the search engine results pages!

Stronger Audience Connection

Sometimes, words and pictures aren’t enough to convince your audience that they can trust you. Videos help your audience familiarise themselves with your company, your financial services, and your people more effectively.

A video on your website that showcases your values and shares compelling stories makes it easier for people to connect with you and place their trust in your bank.

Improved User Experience

Your audience doesn’t have time to read through all of your content. A block of text that occupies the entire page can overwhelm the user and cause them to look for other sources of information instead.

Include a video that provides everything they need to know about your financial services. This way, they can better understand what you have to offer without being overwhelmed with so much information at once.


Video marketing is a game-changer—when done right, it can help your bank gain more clients and build brand loyalty. As such, it’s best to work with a trusted marketing agency that is well-versed in video production. The right agency should understand your goals and know what steps to take to make your vision come to life.

Let Lavender Digital help your bank gain more sales and attract more potential clients! Lavender Digital is a marketing agency that captivates audiences, inspires action, and drives results. Our team develops video marketing strategies that combine human creativity with AI-powered technology to enable your brand to shine. Connect with us to schedule a discovery session today!