video production

There’s no denying that videos are a vital part of today’s digital marketing. Such videos for marketing can be showcased in various digital platforms, such as your landing pages, social media channels, and other online websites.

The Digital Marketing Institute states that 90 percent of web consumers claim that videos help them with their purchase decision of certain products or services. This is why many businesses emphasize on video marketing these days. In fact, Tubular Insights also states that 71 percent of companies plan to increase their video marketing budget.

There are different types of video production that you can come up with for your digital marketing strategies. In this article, we will share with you four types of videos you can produce for your video marketing.

1. Promotional Videos

These are meant to promote certain products or services of your business. They are similar to traditional advertisements that you see on television, yet these promotional videos are much shorter, more direct, and relevant than TV ads. While TV ads cater to the general audience, promotional alternatives target specific consumers. 

You can create different forms of promotional videos, such as corporate, presentation, and demo videos, and have them posted on various online platforms.

2. Informational Videos

These are produced and posted to provide consumers with specific information about a service or product. Their main purpose is to inform, not necessarily to promote your business. They are straightforward and no-nonsense films, which is why they don’t hold any entertainment value. 

You can create many types of informational videos, such as news reports, interviews, and public service announcements, and have them displayed on your website or social media channels. Your regular customers and even prospective ones will be more than glad to be informed.

3. Educational Videos

These are similar to like informational videos containing essential details and information. However, the major difference lies in the fact that educational alternatives contain more in-depth information. While informational ones answer questions, such as the what, who, when, and where, educational videos delve deeper into the why and how of certain information. 

For instance, you can produce videos about how your products become a solution to consumers’ problems. Ultimately, the goal is to educate general consumers or a specific market.

4. Entertainment Videos

Of all types, these are the most popular among consumers. They are typically fun videos that have entertainment value meant to keep consumers emotionally engaged. 

Through these videos, you can market your business and promote your products or services in an entertaining way. If not, you can simply create funny clips and post them on social media and YouTube channels for the sake of engaging with your customers or followers.


The creation and use of videos have become such a gamechanger for businesses. They have indeed taken digital marketing strategies into the next level by catering to what catches the attention of the consumers. Whether it’s a promotional, informational, educational, or entertainment video, you can put your brand in the spotlight and take your business up a notch through video marketing.

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