Livestream and Event Videos


If you’re hosting a live event and need livestream video production we can help. Our livestream service utilizes the latest technology to deliver multiple camera angles, live audio and presentation integration to stream your content anywhere. We stream to any platform such as Youtube LIVE, Facebook LIVE or a custom landing page on your website. We record from every angle and can edit recaps, highlights and promo content after each event.

Multi-Camera, Live Audio, and Presentations

We create a specific capture strategy based on your needs. This strategy sets up the main building blocks for your projects like multiple cameras, pre-roll videos, in-stream Ads/sponsors or presentation incorporation.  Our goal is to give your online audience the full effect of your event, making the content consumable to any audience.

Production to livestream


Our team can film live events of any size, with on-site editing for fast delivery.  This gives us the ability to capture content that can be utilized in a variety of ways, without needing to livestream.  Your content can be used in many ways right after your event, and for years to come.

  • Grow your content library with session filming.
  • Engage your network by allowing them to experience your event when they couldn’t attend.

  • Create courses to sell to your audience.
livestream and event video production atlanta
Video production

Custom event video production of any size.

Our team produces video in Atlanta, and nationwide. Our production kit is portable and compact, allowing us to go anywhere at anytime.

livestream event video coverage


Each event can be live-streamed and also recorded into a high-quality program. Taking your events online opens them up to anyone, anywhere who can’t attend in person. A professional production adds to your brand as a place that truly excels in creating opportunities for education, and proves that by showing the world its events in a modern way with livestreams.

corporate event video production


To truly build an online place of learning and knowledge requires content.  You will become a place where people seek out those livestreams, and educational content similar to what TED Talks do. It creates the positive PR and marketing opportunities, and an online library will drive organic leads to its platforms, hence growing the public image and generating new clients, donors and more. Our corporate event video production covers all sizes and styles.

video online course training production


Open your trainings online!  You can sell your trainings as courses, or incorporate sponsor graphics and commercials before/after sessions to generate new revenue. By showing your courses on livestream and in a content library, you can truly create a place of on-going learning and education that generates income. See our examples at the link below.

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