Digital Training and Online Courses

Lavender Digital Media online course

If you have a great idea for an online video course, or corporate training, now is the time to create it! Lavender Digital provides video production for digital training and online courses of any size and type. Our team has experience in creating unique content of all genres and will make creating your videos for your course easy. Whether it’s a corporate training, personal development or long-form education, our team has the knowledge.


online course

We have a team of animators and content writers that can take your project to the next level by combining on-screen teachers and motion graphics.

Personal Development

online course

Personal and Business development courses are an incredible way to build your brand, and generate revenue. We can guide you through the process.

Product Tutorials

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Have unique product tutorials and training done in a personal, and professional way. Incorporate a spokesperson and graphics to make them engaging and informative.

What’s Next?

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In our Discovery Session, we will will provide specific strategies for you. It may not just be one thing that will work for you, so let us show you our ideas. BONUS: You will gain complimentary access to our course: DIGITAL MARKETING: Our best strategies for 2021.