Now more than ever, being able to move your business online is vital. If you already had an online presence before, it’s key to step it up since the global pandemic has everyone else moving online too. This is why virtual property tours are an incredible advantage for any real estate agent.

Virtual Property Tours: The Rundown

Virtual reality (VR) has grown in popularity across the globe over the last 5 years alone. The new, cutting-edge technology has several benefits. Customers are able to get a much better look at the services and products they are interested in. There is also a major improvement in customer service that comes with virtual property tours. They will allow for an increase in business and, of course, more profit earned.

Real estate agents can use VR to be able to creatively showcase their inventory. This also allows for a more global reach, as needed. When a client living overseas has high interest in purchasing a home from you, they can simply take a virtual tour instead of being thrown off by the hassle of international travel just for a viewing. 

Now more than ever, in the light of the global coronavirus pandemic, smartphones are practically an essential item. Everyone has them, and consumers on every level do research online before taking advantage of products or services. 

Having virtual tours means that real estate agents cast a wider net by default. It also allows for every corner and room to be looked into by a potential buyer through just tapping and swiping on their phone. It offers an experience that is far more realistic and true-to-life than standard photos and videos.

Here are some reasons why virtual tours are beneficial for real estate agents:

  • It saves a lot of time and resources

When you put a new property up for sale, it’s more than likely you will get several calls from multiple prospects. Following up on each and every one of those potential leads can add up, especially with several face-to-face meetings in a row. To make matters worse, a number of those leads will prove entirely fruitless, as a number of them will be curious or just browsing.

  • It offers convenience on both ends

Having a property showcased involves fixing up the house you want to sell and making sure it stays not just presentable, but practically perfect. It can be inconvenient to have to call for professional cleaning or get the homeowner to clean up for multiple showings. When the tour of the property is virtual, then the property will always be pristine and in top form. Key features that you don’t want clients to miss, which can clinch the sale, will also be better emphasized this way.


Real estate video marketing has stepped up since the onset of virtual property tours. This is incredibly helpful for property managers or real estate agents and their potential clients alike. Key benefits for real estate agents include a wider audience, convenience, and properties that are always showcased at their best.

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