If your business is not yet investing in video marketing, it is time to start planning now. This type of content is invading the Internet at the moment. It is a tactic that is undeniably progressing rapidly and is expected to grow even further. If you are unsure whether to pursue such a strategy for your business, here are some reasons you might want to consider.

How Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

  • Grabs and Retains Attention

Video content is more effective at creating high impact than other types of content. Ninety-five percent of people believe that they remember videos more easily than written content. For them, watching videos is easier to do than reading text. If you want to make a productive investment, a video can help you generate amazing business results in many ways. 

People love watching videos, and it is becoming a popular marketing tactic in recent years. Videos educate consumers in a friendly and entertaining way, and at the same time, make branding more memorable for viewers. 

  • Raises Awareness for Your Business

The more people see your content, the better the market gets to know your brand. This can lead to attracting more sales or generating more followers. Any of the two is a win-win situation for your business. From better engagement to other business opportunities, the increased awareness can help increase your revenue and get your ROI faster.

Moreover, when people relate to your content, they create an unbreakable affinity with your brand. This affinity can, later on, deepen and turn into brand loyalty that translates to repeat business.

  • Easy to Share

A video is highly shareable. You can upload it on any platform, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even Tiktok, and sharing your content is as simple as one click on any of these sites. If people love your video, they will do the advertising for you through word of mouth. One share of your video on their newsfeeds can make your video appear to a thousand other people, expanding your business reach.

People love viral videos. These videos are quick, witty, or emotional videos that trigger or wow them. If you also want to make your branded videos viral, make sure that they are professional-looking, relatable, and have a wow factor to effectively capture people’s attention. 

  • Can Improve Your SEO

Some keys to improving your ranking on search engines are relevancy and value. The more people interact with your video content, the better your pages will rank. The more people and websites share your video, the higher your SEO score gets. Keywords are essential when optimizing a web page, but so is the engagement you generate from it. Using relevant keywords on your video content can help your content and pages perform better.


Businesses can benefit from video marketing because it helps them convey their message better. Through visual storytelling, your viewers can comprehend your message clearly and see the value in your products or services. It also triggers their imagination or elicits various emotions and reactions that help them connect with your brand more.

If you think that video marketing is what your business needs at the moment, allow us to help you navigate your way through it. Lavender Digital is a video marketing agency in Atlanta that can help your brand captivate your audience, inspire action, and drive results. Contact us today so we can start making a customized plan for your needs.