Advertising in the automotive industry has changed drastically in recent years. This is due to the rise of various social media platforms, but it’s also about the change in the buying style for cars. Customers are now more glued to their computers and phones. They endlessly browse to make sure to buy the right vehicle. So what does that mean for an automotive business owner? 

This article takes a deeper look into online video advertising to help automotive businesses as they establish an online presence. The goal is to reconfigure the traditional view of advertising cars to a more specific or customer-focused approach. Yes—this takes away from the old TV ads of yesteryear, wherein they would feature female models and simply driving cars fast. There are now more serious car buyers out there. 

Online Video Ideas for Automotive Customers

The latest approaches to online video advertising for cars are now largely more about demonstrating the alluring features of a vehicle. As such, many car manufacturers and businesses alike are more focused on producing the following kinds of videos: 


  • Car Review Videos


Cars that are put to the test and pass with flying colors is the name of the game here. Essentially, these videos get the viewer to drive vicariously through the screen. It’s like going on a test drive with the convenience of staying where you are. Drivers who are seriously considering their next buy watch these for detailed information.


  • Educational Videos


Aside from car reviews, educational videos can also take viewers under the hood and help answer any doubts they may have. In fact, these videos help them make more informed decisions and prefer a particular model over another. This type of content makes the car business look like a professional and credible expert among their niche. 


  • Exhibition Videos


Cool stunts and doing tricks is for thrill-seekers and professional drivers in the online audience. These videos can easily translate into easy sales due to the vehicle being impressively driven through precarious obstacles or difficult terrain.


  • Customer Satisfaction Videos


Nothing baits aspiring drivers more to buy a car than car owners raving over it. When they share their positive experiences, there is a sort of trust and empathy formed that makes the customer feel like they too can have a positive experience. This video style is more easy pickings for first-time drivers who are fresh out of driving school. 

How to Properly Execute a Successful Online Video Campaign

With all the possible online videos laid out, there are a couple of questions that each car business owner must answer to streamline their advertising efforts. Additionally, the answers will help them come up with an effective online video strategy that will bring strong ROI once the videos gain traction: 


  • Why is your car the ultimate solution for drivers?


Ultimately, cars are efficient ways to ease general transportation or commuting, a dedicated hobby, or a valuable luxury piece. Therefore, producing videos that effectively communicate this is the key to effective marketing. This is highly pivotal to making any online sale for automobiles. 


  • How can you make an online user think about buying a car?


Because customers may not show up to the car dealership only until it’s time to claim their car, videos must leave them convinced that they need it right away. They need to be enticed as soon as the video starts and must have effective CTAs.


  • How can you be helpful as an automotive expert?


With the many kinds of car dealerships out there, your particular niche should see you as a top expert. Automotive customers are very straightforward and want to get their hands behind the wheel immediately. That means they want to hear facts and metrics that will entice them to buy a vehicle. Online videos must then be informative but also direct to the point.


  • Where can you successfully reach your audience?


There are so many different platforms online to share online videos. Some dealerships have even done event live streams to entertain and entice new drivers. Car businesses must first know their customers in order to help them decide where to publish their video campaigns effectively. 


Online video advertising is no longer the next big thing in automotive advertising. It is now a rising industry standard that caters to a different audience compared to the norm years ago. Therefore, smart business owners must adjust accordingly to make sure they are not left in the dust. 

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