Utilizing videos to propel digital marketing strategies continues to be an effective method that many businesses opt for in today’s market. If your company is known for hosting events annually, you may get to a point where you run out of ideas to present to your audience.

By going for video production services, you will be capable of handling various promotional activities—from live webcasting to presenting ad campaigns. All you’ll need to drive this effort would be a clear direction to steer to, which you can find by following some of the more unique approaches to video marketing.

To help you out, here are some of the more unique video solutions you can use for your upcoming event.


Event Presentation Video

Brands who hold events to promote their product or service usually hire a professional team. This team’s goal is to capture the momentous social gathering and keep it for future viewing purposes. Recording an event allows you to learn from the experience and help you think of new ways to improve your presentations the next time you decide to host one again.

An event presentation video is also an excellent opportunity to showcase to people what they missed out on and encourage them to join in the next one! You can also use it as a recap video that you can publish online, allowing the people who attended to share the video and help you gain an even broader reach.

Having a video company take stock of your event will be a great benefit when it comes to your final result. Their setups typically include multiple cameras shooting at different angles and locations to capture the whole essence of your presentation. However, it’s usually more affordable to ask a video company for the raw footage of your event rather than to have it edited down to a final project. 


Livestream Video

Another way of recording an event that users online can benefit from is by putting it on your social media channel while it’s on-going. The method is called live streaming—and it allows you to reach a bigger audience across the web, so viewers get to experience the program in real-time!

Broadcasting the occasion live observes similar procedures to an event presentation video, with the mere difference of it being live! It also makes use of single or multiple cameras that allows the operators to switch from one camera to another to give users different takes of the event.

Event live streams don’t require complicated editing, but it’s still necessary to have a good flow when it comes to switching angles and handling the production’s technicalities.


Promotional Campaign Video

Promotional videos used for marketing purposes can catch the interests of your audience effectively. It contains a preview of what the event will be about and what they can expect for the rest of the night. 

It can also serve as the introduction leading up to the start of the program, so guests have something to look forward to. A promotional video is somewhat comparable to a commercial, but the difference is that it looks seamless and more professional as compared to your “regular” TV ad.


Panel Discussion Video

If you want to improve video production, opening up a panel discussion involving some of the industry’s biggest names is another way to create content. These people are capable of offering educational and valuable information.

With a round table panel discussion, relationships between companies are built, and bonds are strengthened. Regarding the technical side of things, expect the setup to involve sound systems, lights, and video. Multiple cameras and live switching are also considered.



Besides the video production benefits listed above, you may also want to consider using promotional videos for conventions to help you make a sale, or video reels to highlight your accomplishments after an event has taken place. There are endless possibilities that come with capturing your business’s most significant moments and forming videos worth sharing across different platforms.

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