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How do we use video marketing to grow brands?

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Lavender Digital is an Atlanta-based full-service video production company that continuously produces award-winning video content. Our team has created thousands of videos across dozens of industries over the last 14 years.  Whether you are a nonprofit that needs to launch a fundraising campaign, or a company that needs its employees to not sleep through the next training video – we’ve got you covered.  


We pride ourselves in making the creative process a collaborative one. You may not know your f stop from your ISO, but who cares? You know what you want, and we’ll help you get there.

See how we use video to grow a regional bank.

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Why Lavender Digital for Video Production?

We know that the video production and editing world has long shrouded itself in a fog of mysterious day rates and hourly fees. Our promise to you is that you’ll always know what you’re getting and we’ll always be transparent about where your money’s going.  We have in-house writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors who know storytelling through videos.  Our team also has vast experience in running digital marketing campaigns with paid ads and web development. So when you come to us with an idea, we focus on more than just the “what”, and we look intensely at the “why”.

We create videos based on a custom story-telling process that covers a range of emotions like comedy, drama, inspiration or information.



Create content directly intended for your unique solution, and the audience that wants it.

  • Full Production Crews
  • Decades of Experience
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Film Content Anywhere


Our team focuses on diving into your brand and organization to craft our stories.

  • We focus on the “why”.
  • We help think through the use of the video.
  • We are honest about our capabilities and pricing.
  • There is no project too large or small.
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