When it comes to money, breaking down difficult concepts for the audience or selling relevant services is always challenging.

Finance has a reputation for arduous, with never-ending paperwork and lengthy booklets confusing anyone interested in a financial instrument or service. 

Because the banking and financial business is so competitive, acquiring and retaining new clients is a major challenge.

This is insufficient even if most financial institutions and banks invest in website development. If you want to exceed your competitors, you’ll need to take things to the next level, which is where video marketing may help.

Gone are the days when videos were used primarily for entertainment. Marketers who utilize the right video marketing services can expect to acquire 66% more qualified leads each year

Why Is Video Marketing Beneficial To A Financial Firm?

Gaining your customers’ trust is the first step toward persuading them to take out a loan or invest through your trading platform. 

Putting content on your website, on the other hand, prevents you from expressing your brand’s personality. 

It may be tough to cultivate a relationship with prospects if you do not appear to be a trustworthy solution provider that will not defraud their customers or take their money.

In these situations, video formats such as advertising or client testimonial videos can help build trust and change your organization from a faceless corporation. The primary conclusion is that your business will attract more clients if it is likable.

Atlanta video marketing can also help you extend a potential consumer’s time on your site. This is also known as dwell time, one of the criteria that affect your page ranking on search engines. 

Longer visits to your website indicate to Google that it is useful and should be promoted to a wider audience. 

Because videos are far more entertaining and captivating than printed content, strategically placing the right videos can improve dwell time significantly.

Finally, with the correct video marketing strategy, you can improve the user experience of your prospects. Videos offer a completely immersive experience while also generating the required feeling. With videos, you can customize the user experience. 

According to research, personalization is also critical for marketers that want their customers to be more engaged.

Video Ads

By watching promotional movies, potential consumers might get a bird’s eye view of what your finance organization offers. Promo videos can also increase brand awareness among people near the top of your sales funnel.

Promo videos work because they leave a lasting impression on the audience. They’re also great for increasing website traffic and may be utilized to pique visitors’ interest at critical points on your landing page.

Furthermore, promotional movies are incredibly shareable because they condense much information into a digestible format. Promo videos are an excellent method to get the word out about a new service you’re offering.

Take a cue from Bank of America’s video on their virtual financial assistant, which is available through the Bank of America mobile app. The video promotes the assistant’s ability to provide tailored financial advice and encourages viewers to download the app.

Demo Films 

Demo films are effective for emphasizing specific features of a product or service. These videos are powerful because they allow you to convey the value of your service to your audience in a nice manner without overpowering them.

Because 72% of buyers prefer to learn about a product or service through video, demo films should be included in your video marketing approach. 

If you’re wondering whether you’ll need to hire a video production business to shoot these videos, don’t worry. You can create beautiful demo videos by working with a top video marketing agency that will do all the work for you. 

Video Customer Testimonials 

Testimonials are extremely beneficial to any company. They impact other customers’ decisions since word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most effective tactics for influencing prospects. 

72% of customers believe that positive testimonials boost their trust in a firm since the approval of other customers is vital.

There’s a catch: standard text-heavy testimonials are obsolete and uninspiring. The modern consumer wants something that can be devoured rapidly. 

As a result, customer testimonial videos may be another video format to consider for your finance firm. The connection is substantially greater when someone speaks straight to the camera. In addition, the expressions look more real. 

It’s simple to see why customer testimonial films have become so popular compared to a long-written statement that lacks a personal touch and may be easily fabricated.


Videos are the new topnotchers in marketing. Videos receive brownie points with the audience because they are easy to absorb compared to a large amount of information offered through text-based media such as brochures or flyers. Because the banking and financial business has a competitive market, it’s best to employ video marketing in your strategies to help your business stand out from the crowd. 

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