Video, as a medium, is growing in popularity as we speak. People respect visuals and being able to see your product in action. Through this, businesses can engage their target audience via live streaming on YouTube, Vimeo, and even TikTok!

Knowing what materials individuals prefer will assist you in narrowing the possibilities available to your customer base. However, simply knowing that you require video material is insufficient. It can be difficult to pick between various video formats and creative ideas.

Read on to discover these content creation tips to increase your engagement today.

Be Unique

The one disadvantage of massive amounts of new information arriving every second is repetition. Examine your competitors’ videos. Are there any important details missing? What should they go into more detail about?

Find a new perspective. Results and traffic suffer when competing with dozens of how-to videos.

Use an Instructional Structure

Maintain your concentration and focus while providing an easy structure to follow. The greatest instructional videos last three to six minutes. Remove any extraneous stuff from the how-to video if it is longer than necessary. Refilm till you get to the topic sans chit-chat.

Make Humor Your Thing

Because humor is a popular video genre, think about ways to make your viewers laugh. Tickle their funny bone while sticking to your narrative. In other words, make it all make sense! This way, you can have a significant impact if your industry is amenable to comedy.

However, making funny content should have its limits. For example, funeral homes should not create funny videos for obvious reasons. On the other hand, comedy can help sell clothing, promos, travel, and food.

Offer Incentives and Rewards

Offers and rewards based on the video. This will help your viewers be motivated to finish your promotional clip. As such, provide a great lot in the initial few seconds. To keep the audience interested, place the award towards the end.

Coupons, free trials, and other user-valued incentives are examples of incentives. Consider what would entice leads so that you can communicate with your target audience through a newsletter or other means.

Keep the Authenticity and Honesty

Be authentic and engaging, informative or emotional. Make no false claims about your product, and avoid making empty promises.

Being a transparent brand will help you connect with at least 86% of consumers. That’s a big number! 

However, authenticity is difficult to achieve in the absence of a brand identity. As such, develop a mission statement, think about your goals, and know the right methods to alleviate consumer worries.

Tell Real Brand Tales

People care about brand tales and what goes on behind the scenes. Lift the curtains and tell us how you go above and beyond for your clients.

While you should not reveal trade secrets, you can share your principles and take inspiration from the founders’ personal difficulties and successes.

Make Use of UGC

People want to be entertained and to discover what other people think about your brand. Allow customers to submit testimonials in order to generate impressive ones. You could even make it a competition by including a hashtag and allowing users to vote on the best user-generated content (UGC).

Instagram shows firms’ quick video marketing. Analyze your competition to try to create a unique campaign. Customers could upload short videos of themselves using your products in unique ways. Provide discounts or freebies in exchange for video reviews.

You can also personalize your marketing by using user-generated material.

Know the Video Content Your Audience Prefers

Request top video content suggestions from your target audience. Send out a poll asking customers what material they appreciate and themes they’d like you to cover. Your video material will take you anywhere with a little research and hard work.


Producing content doesn’t usually bring overnight success. As you use video to expand and grow your business, make sure you research well, take note of the trends, and keep your audience in mind. As you tickle their funny bone, your video content can increase engagement effectively!

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