A video email campaign can help you build relationships with your customers. It’s visually engaging, easy for people to consume on their own schedule, and can be integrated into other content pieces like blog posts or webinars.

The key is ensuring the video content you create aligns with your business goals and that it’s valuable to your audience. Here are some best practices for creating video email marketing campaigns:

1. Keep It Short

You want to keep your videos short and sweet. Videos should be no longer than two minutes unless you’re going for a more in-depth educational video. If you’re trying to sell something, keep it under 30 seconds or one minute at the longest. You can also use GIFs, which are great for communicating specific concepts or ideas within a short time.

2. Caption Your Videos

Videos are great because they can show people exactly what you mean and make them smile. However, if you can’t caption your video, then anyone who has the sound turned off will not understand what you’re saying! So make sure that all of your videos have captions so everyone can enjoy them.

3. Use the Video as a Teaser for Your Content, Not the Whole Thing

If you’re using video in your email marketing, you must be familiar with teasers. If you don’t know what a teaser is, here’s an example: you see a trailer for a movie, and it looks so good. So good that you have to see it right now! That’s a teaser.

You can use this same tactic in your email marketing too. Instead of including the entire video in your email, just include its first few seconds—that way, people will be intrigued enough to click through and watch it all on their own time.

4. Include a Call-To-Action Button

Another great way to use videos in email is to include a call-to-action button. This will allow people who click on it to immediately be taken to where they can purchase whatever they’re selling or register for an event or webinar.

5. Use “Video” in the Subject Line of Your Email

To get people’s attention, you should use “video” or “watch” in your email subject line. This will help increase click-through rates and open rates because it will catch the eyes of your audience members. If someone opens an email with a video subject line, they are more likely to watch it because they are curious about it.=

6. Make It Mobile Friendly

You should also make sure that your videos are mobile-friendly so that people can view them on their phones or tablets without any problems. Having mobile-friendly videos makes it easier for people to watch them wherever they may be at any given time because they don’t have to sit down at their computer desk just to get some information from one of your emails!

7. Put the Video above the Fold

This is one of those best practices that should be common knowledge, but we still see companies doing it wrong all the time. If you want to get the most out of your video, then make sure it’s above the fold in your email. Your audience will be more likely to notice it and watch it if it’s in a place where they can’t miss it.


Video email marketing is an effective way to increase engagement and conversions, and by following the best practices outlined above, you can leverage this powerful tool to its fullest potential. To maximize your video email marketing performance, ensure that you create videos relevant to your audience and that provide value.

If you need help with video marketing in Atlanta, GA, contact the experts at Lavender Digital. We’ve helped countless companies grow their audience, increase engagement and conversions, and improve overall ROI with video marketing.