Today, business owners benefit from having various marketing methods at their disposal. Besides traditional venues like print or in-person ads, marketers can use digital video advertising to promote a brand. 

Creating compelling video advertisements can seem challenging, but it is something you can learn quickly. Here are tips that can help you get started in video marketing! 

Maximize the First Few Seconds

Nowadays, people’s attention spans are shorter. Many find it challenging to concentrate even on things they like reading or watching, and they’ll have even less patience for things that they have no loyalty to just yet.

Create a compelling hook in the first five seconds of the advertisement. You can do this in several ways—you can introduce a problem, ask a question, or evoke surprise or curiosity. Intriguing your target audience will make them want to hang on for a few more seconds, which you should parlay into a discussion of your product or service.

Focus on Connecting with the Audience

You earn people’s trust when you show them that you understand their concerns. Instead of leading with your product, focus on getting to know the users. Learn their wants, fears, and frustrations. Instead of talking about your products and why people should purchase them, shift your focus toward how your offerings can solve their concerns. You only have seconds to get them interested, so concentrate on making connections between your brand and their well-being.

Highlight Your Unique Value Proposition

Though you should aim to build trust with your audience, the primary purpose of an ad is still to promote your business. If you can identify what sets your business apart from your competitors, you should emphasize that in your advertisement. 

Share achievements and success stories, highlight what makes you the best choice, and mention your company values. Remember that people buy brands, not products, and you must convince people to believe in your brand.

Make Your Audience Laugh

Don’t shy away from humor in video marketing; laughter is an excellent way of capturing people’s attention in ads. You’d know this if you’ve ever completed watching a YouTube ad because you found the first seconds funny. Humor can be compelling and memorable, and staying top-of-mind will help you get those conversions.

Even today, many companies are reluctant to make their video marketing funny; they think that humor isn’t professional. This belief is outdated—showing personality and being humorous will help, rather than hinder, your advertisements’ performance.

Always Include a Call to Action

All video ads should contain a call to action or CTA, a sentence or two that will nudge people towards acting on your message. There are many ways you can put a call to action in your advertisement.

You can incorporate the CTA in the ad’s script and have your actors recite the line, or you can include it as a graphic overlay at the end of the advertisement. You can also put it in pre- or mid-roll; the position depends on your preferences, but you must have at least one CTA.


Video ads are a quick, effective way to get your message out online. Nowadays, people are busy, and you need to make the most of the time your ads are in front of them. If you are unsure how to translate your brand into a video for the internet, you could hire a video marketing company to help you start!

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