Even seasoned marketers may struggle to navigate the highly regulated banking and insurance industries due to the intangibility of the product and the stringent regulations limiting how you interact with your audience.

If you’re selling a financial app, you may be wondering, “How can I design an ad creative that appears trustworthy yet isn’t too dull?”

You, as an app marketer, must strike the appropriate balance. The most popular banking applications have already decided on the ad format to employ, the country to market to, and the CTAs to deploy.

Here’s what you need to do to create unique and engaging ad creatives for your finance app:

Make Your Product Offering and Call to Action Clear

When your app is solely used for banking or insurance purposes, you don’t have a lot of wiggle room to get creative. Your primary objective is to inform the user where to click and what to click to make an official purchase.

This is why you have to focus on highlighting its functionality. A creative ad that demonstrates the ease of sharing information with others is a great way to emphasize your product’s ease of use.

Choose the Most Suitable Photographs

You must carefully select pictures that best suit the country’s cultural preferences. Besides being an essential marketing effort, there are some creative restrictions you have to consider, depending on your target audience.

It’s essential to abide by the country-specific regulations for images, but it’s also crucial to capture the spirit of the culture in your app’s advertising. A photo that’s all smiles is a perfectly acceptable way to show off these nuances.

Also, ensure that your app’s login screen has a clear CTA and that the color scheme and font choice complement the imagery.

Remember to Keep Your Ad Format in Mind

You’ll need to choose a format that will suit your app, depending on how intuitive and welcoming the app is. Remember that this is only the first impression.

Whatever your decision is, keep the ad format in mind. The format, of course, depends on the platform. Just ensure that your right-aligned pictures are aligned with the screen (for mobiles) and that the app link is placed where the user expects it to be.

Ensure the Landing Page Matches Your Ad

When users find your ad creative via a paid search engine result, well-researched keywords, or a mobile promotion, they click on your landing page. The landing page must match the ad, or users may get confused and bounce.

A/B Test Your Creative and Landing Page

These campaigns are measured to gain the maximum conversion for your app. Make sure that you have a clear idea of what your users and the market analysts expect from your app.

A/B test your creatives and landing pages, and you’ll generate more signups and more profit.

Final Words

Things can get a little complicated when it comes to the finance industry. However, with careful crafting of your ad creative and landing page, you can use your app as an excellent opportunity to generate leads and sales while still maintaining the trustworthiness of your brand.

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