If you’ve scrolled through your Facebook feed at any point in the last week, you’ve probably stopped to watch a video ad, even for just a few seconds. The truth is, you’re not alone; the platform enjoys roughly 8 billion video views every day. That’s because the videos are designed to grab your attention and have proven to be much more engaging than other social media content types.

People are more likely to pay attention to videos than images, making it a golden opportunity for you to attract more customers to your brand. Creating video ads on Facebook is an excellent way to rack up views and stir interest in your business, making it a worthy investment. Here are a few tips to help you get started on creating eye-catching Facebook video ads:

  • Tell a Memorable Story

Creating an attention-grabbing video involves much more than flashy visuals and bright colors; you’ll also need to create a narrative that strikes a chord with your audience and encourages them to finish watching your video. By telling a story that resonates with your viewers, they’ll be more likely to engage with your content and ultimately turn into a paying customer.

Atlanta video marketing experts recommend starting your video by asking a question, preferably thought-provoking. When you begin your story with an inquiry, your audience will want to know the answer, especially if it directly addresses their pain points. Remember to incorporate conflict in your narrative and to present your services or products as the most effective solution, which will help your ad become more memorable to your viewers.

  • Put the Clincher at the Beginning

There is an oversaturation of content available to view these days, which means you’re constantly competing for your target market’s attention. You’ll want to avoid scenarios of your audience watching a few seconds of your video before scrolling on to the next, as it will tell the algorithm that your videos aren’t compelling enough to be viewed from start to finish. 

To avoid this, get to the point quickly. Since Facebook video ads are often concise, that doesn’t leave you much more time than the first few seconds. However, by putting the premise at the beginning, your users will know what to expect from the ad, convincing them to watch the entire video.

  • Create a Video That Works Even Without Audio

Even though we are long past the era of silent films, most people watch Facebook videos without the volume to preserve their privacy or avoid disturbing other people, particularly when they’re browsing on their phones in public. If they can’t understand what’s going on due to a lack of stunning visuals and captions, they’ll quickly move on to the following video. 

Instead, always add text overlays to your ads and include captions. That way, you’ll access not just your target market but those who are hard of hearing as well. Videos that work even without audio are more accessible and improve your chances of converting a wider range of customers.


Conceptualizing a compelling Facebook video ad can sound complicated, but working with a video marketing company in Atlanta can help you figure out all the details that make a video go viral. By practicing these tips, you’ll enjoy higher engagement with your ads, making you more visible to your potential customers.

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