The biggest benefit video marketing has over any other form is showing something to an audience instead of telling them. It has been known that humans are more reactive and are more attracted to visuals and sounds over text-forms of media. Not everyone has the patience to view an entire article or gallery of images, as still media is considered very niche in its reach. 

Real estate is one of the fields that has been changed due to COVID-19. Since people cannot travel and do property tours as easy as before, this has bolstered the need for 360 virtual tours in the market. When trying to sell a house, brokers will lose out on a set of images, as pictures don’t always do justice to an excellent property. 

Why You Need Real Estate Video Production

Real estate video marketing is essential in today’s industry, and make up the tools of the trade when it comes to production is unlike any other. Showing a prospective buyer a 360-degree view of what they are getting into is a great way to sell a home in today’s pandemic-stricken world. To take it to the next level, consider supplementing professional photos with a whole virtual tour of the home. Here are some benefits of investing in real estate video production:

  • Advertising Is Improved

Pictures can be bland and uninteresting to look at, which can throw off potential property buyers. Offering a whole tour that showcases the entire house with all the rooms and the local vicinity is a great way to boost the way a home is advertised. Without the need to read any text articles or load a set of images, the seamless nature of video marketing can provide viewers with an unobstructed view of their future home. 

  • Information Is Better Conveyed and Digested

Real estate video production can be made to display various information pieces in a shorter period. While running through the video, on-screen displays of room sizes, features, and other parts of information can be seen and noted down. Additionally, without the need to rush through a property tour due to a broker’s limited schedule daily, clients will feel calm and be able to view a home without any disturbances. 

  • Calls-To-Action Are Embedded

Real estate agents can input their contact information and other agency details laid out nicely as soon as the video starts. When customers know who to contact explicitly to ask questions or to strike a deal, this allows ease of communication. Creating a real estate video tour has plenty of freedoms regarding the insertion of information and giving people what they need to see. Since you don’t need to redirect a customer to another page to send an email or finding out how to call an agent, this streamlines the process further. 

  • SEO Is Improved

Videos are one of the most potent forms of media that also include SEO-boosting properties. Thinking of YouTube as the second most powerful search engine on earth is not a far fetched concept. Many people head to the video streaming platform to unwind, find tutorials, troubleshoot technology, and keep up-to-date with today’s news. This popularity means that properly produced real estate video marketing content will be a catalyst for SEO-score boosts. 


Real estate is a business that relies heavily on visual appeal, as people choose their dream homes based on how they look and feel. Real estate video production’s advertising potentials are great, and creating top-notch property tours will always be the way to go. Going down the route of proper video production will capture the attention of prospective buyers, which is great for any broker going for more sales. 

Lavender Digital provides brokers with top-notch real estate video production services in Atlanta, Georgia that can offer the best property tours. In 2020, video media and online marketing prove to be one of the most successful methods to run a business marketing campaign, and this is something we do best. Contact us to know more about how we can help you craft 360 virtual tours for your properties!