An event video live stream is, as the name suggests, a video that is broadcast to an audience in real-time. It’s usually displayed on a “large” screen (as in super high definition). This type of video is usually broadcasted using a professional video camera and a video encoder (live streaming video software).

Event video live streams are an excellent way to generate buzz and get people to watch your live video.

In this article, we will be exploring a few simple tips to ensure that you have a successful event video live stream.

Here’s what you need to know:

Choose the Right Platform for Your Event

Events like product launches, product announcements, product demonstrations, and even annual get-togethers are a few examples of events where an event video stream can be an excellent way to get people to watch your live video.

For such events, you will need to select a platform (such as Facebook Live or Google Hangouts) that allows you to broadcast your live event to a large audience. Most live video platforms will allow you to broadcast to up to thousands of viewers in real-time.

Promote Your Event Video

Before you start your live event, you will need to promote it. Promoting your event video live to a large audience should not be difficult if you have a large audience. The important thing is to let them know when the event will be broadcasting and how long it will last.

Provide value in your promotion. Let your audience know what they can expect from the event and why they will enjoy it. Promote your event across all your social media channels, and post reminders in advance.

Showcase the Event

Product demonstrations are great opportunities for video, especially when you are marketing a product. Before proceeding with the live event, prepare a short video showcasing your product in action. The video should include some of the main features and benefits of the product and what your target audience can expect from it.

Both product demonstrations and events are ideal platforms to showcase your product in action and highlight its most impressive features.

Pay Attention to Your Audience

Live video events usually have a large audience. In such cases, you will need to pay attention to the quality of the comments and questions that your audience is asking. Building a sense of engagement and connectedness with your audience is an integral part of the live video experience. And your ability to do that will impact your engagement. 

Make sure you don’t miss any of the questions being asked. Once your event is over, whether you broadcast it live or record it as a video, it is important to ensure that your audience knows how to find it easily. Make sure to provide them with a link to your event video, and make sure that they can view it on the devices they use.

The Bottom Line

Event live streams are an effective way to reach out to and connect with your audience. If your event is a product launch or a product demonstration, event video live streams will boost your sales, generate more leads, and help you better communicate the features and benefits of your product.

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