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Video marketing strategy is the most crucial step in the process. Whether it’s your first time producing videos or you’ve been around it for years, strategy should be ever evolving and adapting.  We determine how to tell your story to the right people, engage them with the best content, and deliver videos for maximum marketing. This process works for any type of organization like schools, businesses, churches or non-profits in all areas from Atlanta to Buckhead to Dublin and the entire Southeast. Check out a few examples:

video driven websites

Video-driven Websites

Your website should be always be the first place your videos are put to good use! You already have it built, and you’re already driving traffic to it. Website visitors are the warm leads you need to display your brand. Videos are the perfect way to tell your story to them.

Social Media

Your social media channels are the most-used platforms available by the general public, so your videos should be on those channels. This is also where we can step in and create new Ads, leading to organic growth over time.  Keeping this content in places where you’ve got established relationships helps you gain maximum exposure for minimum spend. 

Social media video production


Our favorite part of the process. We have created thousands of videos for organizations ranging from Banks, Universities, Lifestyle Product to Faith-based non-profits. We truly know how to create content for a wide variety of audiences. It’s our goal to tell a story with each piece we create whether it be a new product, event promotion or online course.

We pair great technology and equipment with experienced crew to make the production as easy and professional as possible.We focus on the value of your material and its potential effects on the viewer rather than convincing you to spend a huge amount of money for something that doesn’t need it.  We provide some of the most affordable video production in Atlanta, Buckhead and the Southeast as a whole.

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Video content is huge in today’s advertising, but often times, most companies and organizations focus 99% on the production of the video, rather than the marketing.  Our video marketing service takes your content to the next level.

We utilize a combination of display ads, social, behavioral email, and actionable insights to create a unique video marketing solution. Our strategy creates the best ways based on your specific type of customer base. Not all solutions may be as simple as a Facebook Ad, and our team will work with you on creating content for the perfect platforms.

Find more of your ideal customers with ad campaigns, targeted by key points like location, age, interests and more!  We attract, convert and measure performance on an on-going basis, with budgets that are pre-determined with no surprises. Our video marketing services can help any Atlanta, Buckhead or Georgia based organization.

Optimized Content and Ads across all channels.

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Email Campaigns

Google Display

YouTube Ads

Web Content

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Tracie Morgan
Tracie M.
Chris Alabi
Chris A.
Lavender Digital filmed the training videos for our Christian Premarital Course at Jesse also filmed the interviews with our couples. The work was professional, and they were flexible and patient with our inexperienced team! We are excited about the course, and the videos make it shine!
Rachel Surls
Rachel S.
Jesse is incredibly talented and amazing to work with. I've done numerous shoots with him to capture people's stories, and he always brings a sense of comfort and confidence to the person sharing. He's incredibly reliable, punctual, creative, and adaptive to different circumstances. Our videos are always beautiful & perfectly shot. Can't recommend Lavender Digital highly enough!
Kimberly Daniel
Kimberly D.
The organization I work for has been a client of Lavender Digital for over five years. We have specifically worked with them on film projects as well as animated videos. Jesse and his team are creative and always produce quality content, make collaboration easy, and provide our organization with compelling videos that reflect powerful stories. Through the years, we've had many individuals and other organizations inquire about who created our videos, so we have sent additional work to Lavender Digital. Our continued work with them and recommendation to others is a reflection of how much we value the relationship we have with Lavender Digital and the products they produce for our organization.
Elliott Brown
Elliott B.
Alduan Tartt
Alduan T.
We love working with Lavender Digital! We have worked with Jesse numerous times and already have our next project set for this month. He is professional, talented, calm, a master editor and upbeat. Most of all, he is efficient and gets you the product back exactly when he says. It always blows you away because his video is so crisp and sharp.He also meets with you before to lay everything out so that you can complete your project, online courses for us, in a timely manner so you can hit your deadlines. Lavender Digital is the best! There is nothing like peace of mind knowing that the job will be done right.
Matt Thompson
Matt T.
Jesse and the folks at Lavender Digital have been absolutely phenomenal to work with. They’ve helped us with a number of various projects over the past few years and we’ve been exceptionally pleased with the outcome each time. In a time when many agencies are slow to respond (if they respond at all), their responsiveness and attention to detail is refreshing. Highly recommend.

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