Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, online courses have been a thing. The only difference is that people took online courses more seriously during the pandemic because it’s the only way to learn something new outside of a face-to-face setting. Online courses are highly beneficial because they are an excellent way to earn money, especially if you’re the one doing the teaching.

Unfortunately, the online course market has its struggles despite its seemingly perfect concept. One such example is course creators who have trouble with getting people to enroll in their courses. Don’t worry too much about it because there are ways that you can get people to sign up for your online course.

In this article, we list down possible reasons why your online course is having difficulty attracting students. Read on below to learn more.

#1 – You’re Attracting the Wrong Audience

The simplest reason why you’re having trouble selling your course is that it doesn’t resonate with your target audience. Let’s say that you’re offering a course on cooking. Professional chefs won’t see the need for it because of their experience. A better audience to attract are people who want to learn intermediate to advanced cooking. The bottom line is that you should know your target audience before kickstarting your course.

#2 – You’re Not Validating Your Course

In business, not giving your audience a reason to “buy now” will only result in customers postponing their purchase. Sure, they might return in the future, but what usually happens is that they never return to buy. This is also the same for online courses, and it may also be one of the reasons your course is not selling.

The offer you give should be why they should invest their precious money to buy your online course right now. Your audience should understand and see the value and benefits of your online course no matter how many pages or videos you have in it.

#3 – You Have a Complicated Payment Method

It goes without saying that it’s hard to make money, so spending should be just as easy. To make your course sell, you need to make your payment mode easy. If not, they may not push through with signing up simply because of the complicated payment process. Nobody wants stress when spending, so you should keep this in mind for your customers to have fewer hassles when paying up.

#4 – You’re Not Setting the Right Prices

There’s no definite way to set a price on a course because they vary based on different factors, such as the subject matter. If you set a high price for your class, people will refuse to enlist from the get-go. On the other hand, low prices may attract people, but it doesn’t always work. Cheap prices for online courses may be an indication that a course has low quality.

Here are some things to consider before setting a price on your course:

  • Do some competitor research to see how others are faring when selling their courses and how often people buy them.
  • Do audience research by asking people what they want and how much they are willing to pay for a course.
  • Know the value of your course by determining if it will be relevant and applicable to daily life.

#5 – You’re Not Giving an Irrefusable Offer

The idea is that you need to tell the customer why they NEED to buy your course, so you need to do just that. It’s recommended that you should add other complimentary things when selling an online course. It could be like a package that would consist of the course itself and some bonuses like resources such as eBooks and other videos.


Online courses offer various benefits for instructors and students alike. If you’re an instructor, conducting online courses allows you to earn money while spreading knowledge about certain topics, so you need to get out of your way to get people to sign up.

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