Non-profit Video Marketing

We believe that telling a good story is as simple as showing what you do. Non-profit organizations have the most unique opportunity out of any organization out there: to tell a story that engages the most interested audiences without having to build them.  You already have your built in audience of donors, volunteers and other community members, so why not use video marketing to tell those stories.


Storyteller videos can be one of the most impactful methods of showing how your non-profit is changing the world.  It allows your community to experience your incredible work without the need to be in person. We’ve seen many non-profits use our videos to raise funds, increase their volunteer base, and promote their services.

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Impact Promos

Impact promo videos create inspiration, intrigue, and awareness through high-energy design. These videos combine interviews and footage of in-depth stories told by your community. We think of them as movie trailers for your non-profit.  Often the content is also turned into individual pieces focusing on each person or community’s story.

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Giving voice to those who are part of your organization is powerful. We combine testimonies and stakeholder conversations to tell incredible stories in a way that no other medium can convey.  These are perfect for fundraising and Gala videos.

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Teaching Videos

If you want to change the world, you have to show people how to do it. By utilizing the skills and talents of your team, we can develop training and teaching videos that tell your story, and build a library of online educational content.

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Brand Films

We have created many brand films for non-profits to cast the vision about their history, and the value provided to the community. Brand films can use videos to help raise donations, increase volunteer base and create corporate partnerships.

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Fundraising Videos

We know that every non-profit organization needs to raise money to sustain itself, and we’ve seen our non-profit partners use videos to help. Whether its creating momentum for a new brand, or engaging a long-standing audience, using the power of video in your non-profit marketing is crucial.

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Use video in your non-profit marketing.

Non-profit video marketing can have a huge impact on your donations, volunteer base and image.  Often we find that our clients only consider one single use for their video whether it be a social media post or in-person event. We take the approach that any video created for your non-profit marketing should be used in as many places as possible. With digital devices being in the hands of all of your donors, volunteers and community members, it’s easy to get your message in front of them. 

Ways to use videos in your marketing:

Your Website

Email Campaigns

Text Message Campaigns

Social Media Posts and Ads

YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

In-Person Events and Meetings

If using video for your non-profit is a little confusing, we’d love to help you! We develop the strategy for a video and determine the best solution from choosing the right story, to the best delivery method.  Our team has experience with dozens of non-profits in Atlanta, GA and beyond.

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