Video marketing began with the rise in popularity of online video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. The widespread availability of smartphones has allowed video to become one of the most common forms of content on the internet, creating an oversaturation problem for brands.

As a result, marketers must learn what types of videos work for them so that their content has better chances of standing out from the rest. 

Follow our tips below in producing top-notch videos that will definitely grow your business.

Prioritize Your Content’s Message

First, identify your target audience and determine whether your video will help them accomplish a task, solve a problem, or inform them about something. Once you have your topic narrowed down, the next step is to build a narrative around this topic. 

It is essential to develop a story that people can relate to and reflects their feelings and daily experiences. It helps individuals retain information and feel like they are being spoken to personally.

Craft an Enticing Headline

When someone clicks on your video on YouTube or Facebook, they may or may not watch the full video. In case they don’t, make sure your headline is compelling enough so that they visit your website or store.

Incorporate Your Logo

Once you’ve settled on a compelling headline, you need to add your brand’s logo so that the viewer knows that this video is from your brand and not from one of your competitors.

Make It Entertaining

Many people expect videos on social media to be entertaining; instead of using a clichéd animated monkey or a sad trombone sound effect, try to come up with something unique. 

Of course, your video shouldn’t be so entertaining that the person will forget to perform the action you want them to do.

Determine the Type of Video to Use

While many people can relate to a fictional story, others will respond better to an informative video or a how-to video. When choosing a type of video for your brand, you should consider how your target audience spends their time. 

Their choices, then, will indicate whether they will be receptive to a short video or a longer one.

Use Visuals to Develop Your Story

You have to make sure that your video looks good. That said, don’t ever sacrifice content for aesthetics. 

If you need to hire an artist to customize your background or find another way to enhance your video, you should do so.

Make It Short

While it should be entertaining, your video should not go over three minutes in length. The logic behind this is that if your video is too long, many viewers may find it boring. 

Even if your video is amusing, people who don’t care about your brand will still turn it off if it goes on for too long.

Add a Call to Action

Of course, you need to ask viewers to take the action you want them to do. It should be specific and to the point. 

Viewers won’t know what you want them to do if you give too many options, so make it simple and stick to things like visiting your website, buying your products, or availing your services.


Creating videos for your brand is an easy way to increase your reach and boost your conversion rates. Take a look at your competitors and the content they are already posting. If you can produce a better video than them, you can beat them in the competition for your target audience’s attention. The tips that we’ve given you above can help you make your videos unique, informative, and entertaining.

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