In the past, banking enterprises often market to the same demographics and even offer similar services and rates.  Nowadays, many banks have already incorporated technology into their tactics. For example, most adopted a mobile-friendly approach to keep up with their customers’ demands. 

Since almost every organization uses the same techniques, you have to recapture your prospects’ attention by improving your methods. Here are some interactive marketing strategies to target people in new ways and differentiate yourself from your competitors:

Use email marketing

Many businesses tend to stay away from email marketing because they assume that emails are on the verge of extinction due to technological advancement. The truth is that email marketing remains one of the most engaging marketing tactics. In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, it is “the king of the marketing kingdom” because it generates businesses with a return of 38 dollars for every 1 dollar spent on average.

If you decide to use email marketing, you can get more out of your strategy by integrating it with other marketing channels. Email integration allows you to lead nurturing efforts, automate your sales cycle, and gain insights into your customers’ spending and saving habits. In other words, you can craft personalized messages instead of one-size-fits-all emails. 

Create explainer videos

Customers rarely read lengthy paragraphs about financial products and services. Aside from having exceptionally short attention spans, they often leave websites because financial concepts can be hard to understand. 

The best way to help your audience understand technical information and ensure these details make sense is to create explainer videos. This type of content is perfect for drawing your customers’ attention and simplifying complex financial concepts. Ensure that your videos have an easily understandable script, feel-good background music, and eye-catching graphics by working with a video production agency.

Add features to your website that promote self-help

When trying to solve issues, many customers, especially the “digital generation,” prefer having minimal interaction with business representatives as much as possible. Instead, they want to have easy access to information online and address problems themselves. So, invest in technology that offers 24/7 live chat technology and self-help options on your website instead of adding more customer support staff. Another option is to add an FAQ page to answer the most common questions asked by clients.

Create a YouTube channel 

Blogs allow you to establish your credibility and share relevant information with your audience. However, many customers don’t have the patience and the required attention span to finish lengthy written content. They prefer watching videos instead to learn more about products or services than other mediums.

If you wish to create engaging and data-driven content, consider building a YouTube channel for your financial business. You can post tutorials, how-to videos, and other educational and informative content to help your audience and promote your services. Don’t forget to develop a video strategy first or partner with a video marketing agency to ensure you keep your videos short yet full of helpful information. 


Marketing cultivates brand awareness, establishes meaningful relationships with your clients, and provides value to your audience. In other words, it effectively helps you reach your goals. This is why you should consider implementing these marketing strategies right away. Meanwhile, if you are interested in creating videos, hire video professionals like us.

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