Even without today’s uncertain times, entrepreneurs must strike a balance between benefits and cost to run a successful operation. They should understand that they are working with a budget and often ask themselves if the gains outweigh the cash outflow. With this said, how much are you willing to invest in an advertisement?

Many point out that digital marketing is cheaper than a traditional advertisement. However, if you don’t think things through and upload videos just to get something up for people to see, you will defeat the purpose of advertising. In this case, you will repel prospective customers instead of attracting them.

That is why you must produce videos that will positively impact your targeted audience. Doing this will ensure that the benefits of uploading this type of video will outweigh the cost of producing them. If you are not sure how to proceed, pay close attention to this article.

Know the Cost of the Video

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing is cheaper than its traditional counterpart. However, that does not mean that producing one will not be costly. In fact, most startups and small business owners find them expensive. In this case, establish a budget for this project.

Doing this will help you stay within budget. Let us take the cost of producing traditional promotional videos as an example. You would have to pay for the equipment, crew, and studio space. You also must consider the price of traveling to and from the studio.

Thankfully, you can now cut production costs because you can utilize your smartphone to shoot promotional videos. Recent advancements on these devices equip them with compelling, professional video production capabilities. At first, you will find managing large files on your smartphone challenging. But you will eventually get the hang of things.

Avoid DIY Video Production

We may have mentioned that many smartphones have professional video production capabilities. However, it does not mean you (or your staff) should attempt to do it yourselves. While you may think that creating the video yourself will help you save money, the quality of the work can speak for itself.

DIY video creation may cost you more than professional video making services as it may result in low-quality videos that will repel prospective customers. Thus, it defeats the purpose of digital marketing. The amount of time and effort you’ll need to revise and reshoot content is a considerable waste of resources.

Let us say that you have mapped out your strategy for this endeavor. Bear in mind that you would likely need to invest in professional editing software to make the video appealing to those who see it. You might be able to keep your budget intact even if you purchase such software, but you might not know how to use such software. Thus, you end up buying something useless.

Focus on Formatting and SEO

Some say that SEO is the heart of digital marketing. This is because it finds ways to increase your company’s visibility in any search engine. Thankfully, well-crafted video content should help you with this goal.

Prudent entrepreneurs would integrate their branding videos with appropriate written content to increase their search engine rankings. Doing this will bring in more customers. In this scenario, the benefit of making the video outweighs the cost.


Like any endeavor, digital marketing has associated costs. Before you undertake this project, you must analyze if the said cost does not outweigh any potential benefit. If it does, you should not carry out the task. Or you can ensure that you will get the most out of such a project.

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