There are various tools at a brand’s disposal that can increase its reach and impact. In the past, hosting an event alone was enough and considered one of the pinnacles of marketing. Nowadays, the idea still stands, but modern technology gave birth to a new channel of digital marketing: live streaming.

A popular way to hinge on this is the event livestream. According to online data, the streaming market is heading towards the $247 billion line in market value. Social media videos have also proven to generate a whopping 1200 percent more shares than image and text posts.

So, why exactly does live streaming work so effectively for events?

1. It Engages a Wider Audience

Not everyone will be able to attend your event. For a multitude of reasons, individuals that may still have an interest in your brand and services may not be able to get a ticket or simply be there. Still, this doesn’t mean they are not open for engagement. 

Because livestreams are so easily accessible, you can provide a means to connect with your audience remotely and include them in the event. This can even lead to expanding your reach and getting more attendance from individuals who may otherwise not have known about or given a second thought to your event.

2. You Have More Channels for Visibility

With a livestream, you won’t be bound by the physical constraints of your event space. You have the option to have your stream up on numerous platforms and build up your brand. As your event stream puts you out there on official channels, you create greater visibility and credibility.

Other users who may not even be within your existing audience will be exposed to your content and brand.

3. It Can Create Another Stream of Revenue

You can generate revenue in many ways using a livestream. If you end up connecting with a sponsor to host your event stream, that can earn you additional revenue. On top of that, you can charge digital attendees for exclusive tickets to view the event.

You will not only be able to have more platforms that can inherently bring up your bottom line but you will also have access to a wider monetizable attendance pool that you would not be able to reach with a physical event. 

4. Lead Generation and Archiving Become Inherently Easier

One of the main purposes of conducting events is to generate leads. When you livestream your event, you expand your means of reaching prospects. More than simply letting your brand be seen, you can actually garner consumer interest as people stumble upon your event.

On top of that, you immediately have footage of your event for archival purposes. Both of these become easier resources to get with just one execution.


If you are planning an upcoming event for business, make sure you prep an event livestream. It works for any industry and can significantly boost the success of both the event itself and future ones. As long as it is executed well, live streaming can become a major part of any digital marketing arsenal.

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