Over time, individuals can move and become difficult to locate. You can then place them on your email marketing lists and become known as the “dead” or inactive population. Examples of lists containing dead email addresses include your mailing list and your spammers’ list. 

It is not uncommon for companies to toss these individuals out and receive poor returns on investment (ROI) due to high bounce rates and a limited number of deliverable addresses. 

However, there are ways to clean your lists and improve your ROI through proper list management.

Eliminate Spam Emails

Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail are the most common email services spammers often use. If you have not cleaned your list yet, you may have individuals on your email marketing list receiving spam emails. Without removing these individuals, your bounce rate will likely continue to increase. 

You can use the following methods to remove spam emails from your list:

  • Ask subscribers to visit your website and confirm their email address
  • Have them answer a specific question unique to your list
  • Have the individual provide additional information on the subscription form

Organize Your Data

All email addresses are not created equal. You may have individuals on your email marketing list who have moved around or have been inactive for some time. You may also have people on your list with valid email addresses that are deliverable and actively receive email.

It is important to organize your data to know who receives your email marketing campaigns. Using a form of data segmentation can easily manage data for your list management purposes. By identifying the available and dead email addresses, you can consolidate and combine data and focus on specific areas.

Maintain a Clean Email List

Once you have sorted out your email list, it’s time to maintain a clean list. You can do this by:

1. Doing Monthly Clean Ups

Schedule time once a month to clean out those accounts that have been inactive for a long time. You can easily maintain your email marketing lists by periodically removing individuals who do not see your emails and newsletters. You can send a monthly newsletter and a “revive” email to these individuals.

2. Implementing a Lead Scoring Strategy

Many companies use lead scoring to sort out companies interested in their product or services from those who are not. A lead scoring system can provide you with an understanding of how quality prospects are on your email marketing list. A scoring system will also help you organize your data so that you are only sending email campaigns to individuals specifically interested in your product or services.

3. Automating Marketing

Automation allows you to focus on what is most important to your company, whether that’s customer retention or increasing customer acquisition. A well-oiled email automation and sales process can automate email and marketing campaigns, allowing you to keep sending emails, even when you are on vacation.

Keep That Email List Clean

Organizing your email marketing data and maintaining a clean list will allow you to continue to generate positive ROI on your email marketing campaigns.

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