Videos are a great mode of communication and have been integrated into a lot of successful marketing campaigns. Using this strategy for your company video can help your brand stand out as a customer tries to get to know the faces behind the scenes and what your business is all about.

However, there are a lot of opportunities for companies to miss the mark, especially when no one has any knowledge about how company videos are recorded in the first place. Everyone has to begin somewhere, though. You can find aid from video production companies to set things off or start off from scratch. 

Here are a few principles and tips that can help you along the way of making and producing a company video.

1) Focus On Concept Before Quality

Most people skip ahead and try to think about getting the best video and audio quality when it comes to planning the company video. Although those are things you should strive for, quality can’t replace good messaging. Focus on conceptualizing the content that you want to put in your video and how you want it to look.

2) Know What You Want To Say

When you’ve focused on the goal and message, it’s time to start with dialogue. It can help editors and people assigned to the camera on what exactly they should capture and include in the final result. It also gives whoever goes on-screen some form of the basis on what they should say during the recording.

3) Have A Budget Ready

If you want to go into full video production mode for your company video, keep your feet on the ground and check your budget first. As part of the management, ask how much you’re willing to spend to get the company video made. Some may go to the lengths of hiring a video production service, while others really start from scratch to minimize cost.

4) Get The Right Equipment

Especially when it’s the first company video, go and invest in good or at least standard equipment. This is the time when you should try to strive for good camera quality and audio quality. Research for what models are good for beginners and test whether it suits your needs. Software and other resources are also crucial to producing a commercial-grade video.  

5) Bring People In To Record

The appeal for company videos comes from how personable they are. Images and text are good to have, but videos can appeal to sight and hearing. It also provides an avenue to show the workers of the brand or people the company has helped to divert away from being just another corporate logo in the industry.

6) Stick To An Aesthetic

What kind of beauty or mood do you want to emulate in your video? What aesthetic do you hope to appeal to your audience and associate with your brand? Try to capture something central about your brand and show that in videos to build imaging. It could be in the color schemes shown in each frame, or the phrase repeated at each end of the company video. 


By following these steps, you’re one step closer to getting the ideal company video for your business. It can be tough the first time around, but it can be a whole lot easier when you’re working with professionals or finally getting the hang of it. 

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