Live streaming video services are a cutting-edge modern take to the traditional video media. Unlike videos wherein when they are posted, you rely on comments made and can reply through replying to those comments, live videos allow you to interact with your audience. This often has a better opportunity of reaching more viewers, as they can follow along as the live service flows despite never hearing about you or your company. The ability of people to ask questions and get actual replies that do not sound like they are from a social media automated bot will get them more engaged and intrigued by your brand.

Live video services are not just something done whenever. There are things to consider before starting the stream, during the service and after. Here are some tips to maximizing live streams for the best results:

Promote it beforehand

Don’t just jump into the live stream and try to catch people off guard. Chances are that they didn’t set aside time to view it, or simply left their social media accounts untouched for the time being while running errands. Be sure to post on your social media accounts the date and time of the stream, plus the timezone to ensure that people make adjustments accordingly in order to view your stream. Use hashtags to allow people to find it easily, as these are the easiest ways to find related content that pikes the interests of people.

Utilize the extensivity of your networks

It pays to have employees, executives, and partnering companies share your live stream to different platforms to promote more viewers and make your brand more visible. Have them include the hashtag for easy access. 

Determine an optimal time

Choose a time that will allow multiple people to join at once. Do not choose a time during working hours or school hours, as viewers will be few or will not stick around long enough. Determine if you want to have the presence of international viewers as well, so try to find a time that everyone can join in. Still prioritize your local viewers by making it time after work hours and when everyone is winding down.

Test all hardware and internet connectivity

Make sure your speeds for a stream are optimal so that it reduces lag and possibilities for disconnections, which will irritate your viewers. Also, ensure that your hardware works and will not encounter any technical difficulties mid-stream.

Set a minimum stream limit of 15 minutes

Develop a range of topics to discuss before heading into the live stream, and add a Q&A section to interact with your audience after. Audiences will build over time, so the longer you stream, the larger the viewer count can reach.

Mention partners, guests and moderate your audience during the stream

When you have partnered with other entities, be sure to promote them throughout the stream to increase the audience’s knowledge about them for better engagement. If you have guests, tag their social media accounts in the description for people to follow. Additionally, expect to run into trolls and dummy accounts who exist to ruin your brand reputation, so be ready to moderate nasty comments.

Engage your audience regularly

Be sure to keep engaging with the audience to get them to stay and watch. Nobody really wants to see you talk straight for an entire stream, so be sure to watch for their questions and shout out certain individuals who promote or share the live service.

Just have fun with it

The important thing is to have fun with the entire streaming process. If you are visibly not having a fine time, people will notice it in your body language and scrap viewing your service altogether. Be upbeat and lively, and just enjoy all the moments of live streaming.


Videos have been proven to increase business prosperity, but live streaming services have shown that interactive video media increases the chance of gaining more followers. Convert more leads into clients by using live service streaming and see a big change in your business growth!

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