Online video advertising is not a new concept, but thanks to social media, it has taken businesses – both big and small, to greater heights. 

But because social media has given businesses of all sizes a platform for their videos, the competition has been tougher, too. For sure, you are looking for ways to drive more sales for your business. 

To help you out, trusted Atlanta video marketing experts Lavender Digital shares these ideas for a great business video:

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short and simple video that describes an idea, concept, or product. Many businesses use this type of video to describe their services.

“We’re a digital marketing agency, and we help companies tell their stories. Our video experts create explainer videos that help their businesses prosper.”

There are many types of explainer videos.

Explainer videos may be done in the form of a musical, animation, presentation, or may be in the form of a story.

Product Videos

E-commerce businesses use product videos. A product video can be a very effective tool in promoting your products.

Videos are very useful in presenting your product and helping your customers understand how to use it and even how to fix it.

A product video can be as long as you wish. It may provide detailed information about the product and its application or be short and simple. If you wish to create a short, simple product video, you can use animation, slides, and text. If you wish to create a lengthy product video, you may use animation, slides, text, and voice-over narration.

Product or Brand Stories

A brand story is a video that is used to present your brand or business in a way that will allow people to get to know your business better. Your customers will learn its history, its vision and mission, and the values that drive your business.

Brand stories are very popular with businesses that are just starting. They allow them to develop a rapport with their customers.

You may use animation, slides, text, and a voice-over to create a brand story video.

Seasonal Promotions

Seasonal promotions are trendier now than ever because of social media. This means you can have more fun with it and catch the attention of more potential customers.

A seasonal promotion video can be a video contest, an event promo video, or a video giving information about an upcoming event.

A video contest can be done on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media channels. It may be in the form of a video presentation or a video story.

Event promo videos may be done in the form of a story or animation. These videos promote an event that your company will be hosting. They may be in the form of a story or a free-flowing presentation.

You may also use your video to give information about an upcoming event your company will be hosting.

YouTube Ads

You may also advertise on YouTube by creating your ads and including a link to your page. Or you can use one of the many pre-made ads that YouTube offers.

Pre-made ads are more expensive than creating your own, but it is easy.

You can choose from various ad styles and then add a link to your page.

In this case, you will just need to make sure that people will find your ad interesting enough to click on your ad.


Video has become a prevalent mode of advertising. Businesses have spent billions of dollars on video advertising in the past years.

Now that you know how to create a business video, you can advertise and promote your business. You can use video to help educate, promote or explain your product or service. You can also use it to help promote your brand.

Creating a compelling video is not easy, so make sure you have an excellent digital marketing agency to help you. Atlanta video marketing expert Lavender Digital offers video creation and marketing services for your business. Contact Lavender Digital today to learn more about video marketing for your business.