We believe in beginning with the basic foundation of branded content: your brand’s message.  We take your culture and translate it into all types of designed content like brand marks, printed collateral, websites, videos and any other marketing material you need.

What does this look like for an organization?


In the first step, we develop the marketing strategy.

Let’s look at one of our favorite clients, Rovos Wheels.  We started with Rovos from the ground up. They needed their brand’s content built to get them started on marketing their line of wheels. We developed a specific style for their content beginning with their logo, all the way to pre-roll videos for YouTube.  Together, we built the brand’s style, created a website, took photos, produced videos, built a presence on Instagram, and helped them achieve thousands of unique website views every month.




It’s easy enough to say you need a brandmark (or a logo) for your organization, but having branded content is just as necessary.  We developed a plan and created a website that keeps their product simple, and in the forefront.  Beyond that, we developed a unique look for each wheel that had matching photography and videos to compliment it.  There is consistent branding across each wheel’s persona.


Identify the best options for gaining more customers. Priorize the content needed for customer journeys and personas, then manage this content.

There are many ways to keep your brand’s story in the minds of your current and future clients.  A partnership with Lavender Digital ensures that you’ll always have a team creating new material to spread your message.  Ongoing content such as videos, blog posts, website updates, and other branded content will ensure your name stays fresh, and doesn’t fall to the wayside.  With Rovos, we are always laying out strategic content such as videos and photography that will engage the audience, and give them something to share.